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Richard Uglow

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Business Development

Sustainable Business

I’m a director or business leader looking for experts to help me with business and leadership development  challenges.

In-house services for

  • Board and Director development
  • Whole business entity interventions
  • Change and turnarounds
  • Cultural turnarounds
  • Systemic leadership formation
  • Role performance
  • Personal development
  • Consultancy

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Business Management

Business Management

I have a business which needs professionally managing on an interim, medium term contract, or into the long term.

Options for

  • Business management through partnership
  • Governance roles
  • 3rd party management contracts
  • Business legacy sale and exits
  • Interim management
  • Management Consultancy

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Community Development

Personal Development

I’m a leader, manager or sponsoring professional looking for help with vocation, career direction, well-being or life fulfilment difficulties.

Services for

  • Find the work you are born to do
  • Redundancy and career transitions
  • Stress and poor performance
  • Career Crises
  • Life Crises
  • Extreme Behaviour Transformations

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Development Professional

Development Professional

I’m a professional leader-coach-trainer-consultant looking to operate at the top of the profession and make the biggest difference.

Opportunities for

  • Associate delivery of programmes
  • Partners to join specialist practices
  • Business and leadership developers
  • Directorship of business entities
  • Community development professionals

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