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Enrichyou’s Growth Journeys offer an effective way to address the fact that many not-for-profit and public sector organisations will have service users struggling to cope with life’s complex issues and outcomes.

Some will be facing ill health, others experiencing the difficulty of completing their formal education, and others still will want to escape a pattern of crime. Whatever the situation, as our case studies show, we have a proven track record of enabling people to overcome their difficulties, find new direction and reach the life they were born to live.

Offender Rehabilitation Growth Journeys

A good example of the role we can play is the rehabilitation programme that Enrichyou has designed for the UK prison service. This began in 2007, when we started assisting prisoners in a Lincolnshire prison on a voluntary basis at the request of the Prison Chaplain. It soon became clear to the prisoners, the Chaplain and us, that the approach we were taking would have lasting impact. The programme has since been approved as a Level 1 vocational qualification by EDI, the international awarding body.

Approximately 60 prisoners were involved in these initial Growth Journeys. Of the 10% sample of ex-prisoners that Enrichyou remain in contact with all remain crime-free. Of the long term prisoners not yet released, all are making significant and better progress towards a crime-free future upon eventual release. All prisoners who have attended the Growth Journey recommend it to other prisoners as being both enjoyable and highly beneficial.

Become part of our approach to rehabilitation

We would like to hear from Governors and leaders in the National Offender Management Service who would be interested in using this intervention to reduce prison residence times in reaching safe release, to reduce re-offending rates and to transform characters and behaviours whilst in custodial establishments.

Our programme is already extending its reach, with approval secured to deliver it in the East Midlands NOMS region. We are also in the process of agreeing documentation so that others can be trained to deliver the programme nationally.

Find out more:

Download our Rehabilitation Growth Journey leaflet in PDF format. This explains in detail the objectives and structure of the programme.

Download our Rehabilitation Growth Journey Project paper in PDF format. This explains how we are in the process of securing funding to assist 1,000 prisoners over the next five years. Please download a copy and contact us if you are able to signpost or collaborate in any way.

Can we help your service users?

As the above example shows, Enrichyou is able to design bespoke programmes for any situation. We are interested in talking to schools, the NHS, care homes and other places working with people who might benefit from our proven coaching-based approach to enabling people to lead a better life. Please contact us to discuss your particular situation.

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