Enrichyou for business: our Sustainable Business Programmes

Our purpose: to help directors build sustainable businesses and enable top-down business transformations

Every aspect of our most value adding work is all about the long term sustainability of the whole organisation as an entity. That means delivering director level and top-down development programmes that equip participants with skills and behaviours to achieve presence and performance in the long term.

Bespoke, strategically aligned programmes

Our focus is always on aligning what we do to your strategic goals and intentions. There’s no ‘sheep dip’ approach to our work and no purely off the shelf programmes. Instead we deliver the content you need, in a way and at a pace that’s appropriate to your situation.

Style and format of programmes

For every type of programme, a blend of group sessions and one-to-one coaching can be created to ensure we are addressing the right challenges in the best way. These are supported with online support, mentoring, consultancy, signposting and any other resources needed to succeed.

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Sustainable Business

In-house programmes and support for senior managers and Board members include:

  • Board formation, facilitation and mediation
  • Director development, coaching and mentoring
  • Transformations to move onto sustainable growth paths
  • Turnarounds – strategic, operational and cultural

Case Study - Choice of four areas of work

Case StudyTo view or download a FREE 24 page case study document from ten years of research and activity in the field from any of the areas of Business Sustainability, Leadership Development, Finding a Path through life and Prisoners ‘Breaking the Chain’.

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