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Enrichyou for business: our Sustainable Business Programmes

About Enrichyou

Enrichyou are specialists in guiding people and businesses to development and growth using a unique blend of coaching, mentoring and training. We help people to uncover what is stopping their progress and to find their own path to a better future.

In business? We help managers and directors to develop themselves, their people and their organisations in order to unlock potential, add value and reach sustainable excellence.

In the community? We help not-for-profit and public sector organisations to bring about real quality of life improvements for their service users, and individual people, couples, parents and families to work through all kinds of issues to reach a better place in life.

In crisis? We help people and organisations who are ‘broken’ to come back to life: dysfunctional teams, underperforming business functions, ailing businesses, unwell individuals and unstable families.

In search of growth? We work with people who are doing well but who are facing the next challenge: those at the start of their careers who want to become great leaders, senior managers and directors looking for new growth, new parents who want to create close families and anyone who knows there is something better that’s just out of reach.

Find out more about us:

The Enrichyou approach
Coaching is the best way we know to get to each person’s real issues and then work to change behaviours and achieve greater things. Read seven reasons that our approach has been so successful in developing people and organisations.

Meet Richard Uglow, Enrichyou’s founder
Richard is interviewed about how he arrived at his position as a coach and the underlying philosophy behind Enrichyou.

Our clients
We list a number of our major clients and feature some testimonials.

Working with Enrichyou
We welcome enquires from coaches, trainers and experienced business people who feel they have a contribution to make to the delivery of our development programmes and Growth Journeys.

Case Study - Choice of four areas of work

Case StudyTo view or download a FREE 24 page case study document from ten years of research and activity in the field from any of the areas of Business Sustainability, Leadership Development, Finding a Path through life and Prisoners ‘Breaking the Chain’.

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