MD steers business back into sustainable ways

The MD had aspirations for growth but was frustrated by the situation. Two issues in particular were causing concern: a high turnover of sales team, and high fixed costs - even when business activity was low or when projects were at an early stage. Both of these were obstacles to growth that the MD asked Enrichyou to help him remove.

A Director’s Coaching programme was created to achieve the best possible results, yet with a limited demand on the MD’s time. In fact, the amount of time needed was just ten half-day MD coaching sessions and one team coaching day.

The coaching process helped the MD to see beyond his existing business model, and as a result he identified several ways to unlock greater growth:

  • A new strategic client profile was developed, with a new business model that switched from a typical ten-year gap from purchase to repeat purchase, to a continuous cycle of regular income.
  • A new ‘marketing engine’ was developed that had a systematic approach to prospecting and client acquisition.
  • The MD moved to a ‘virtual network’ model of working rather than a ‘static employee’ model. This has reduced fixed costs and allowed the costs to vary directly with client income levels.
  • Healthy profits have returned and sales are growing around the strategic model.
  • The MD is enjoying a lifestyle once more and has a sense of steady sustainable growth. His frustration has given way to a sense of calm. 

 The MD had this to say at the end of his 12-month development programme:

“The  process left me much clearer about what was getting in the way of consistent growth. I took a step back and put in place the necessary foundations of quality people, a virtual team and a marketing engine. My team is winning more contracts in our established market place and I am able to focus my attention on growth in other sectors with higher value. Enrichyou’s coaching has played a major role in helping me focus on the really important issues which has enabled me to leave behind the distractions.”

And a year after the programme ended, he said:

“Profits are growing. The new business model has worked its way in now. The principle of outsourcing is working very well. We have broken the regional boundary and are working nationally with one of our major strategic clients. My next challenge is to identify the next major strategic client.” 

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