Case Study - Senior Executive Finds the Path to Fulfilment

Case Study - Senior Executive Finds the Path to Fulfilment

An experienced international executive kept finding himself reporting to CEOs who wouldn’t listen to him, leading to a series of failed companies. Now it was happening again and he wanted to find another job, but one he could grow with for a change – but what could that be? The Executive Coaching Service was able to help this director get to the root cause of the repeating pattern.

At 50, he wanted to know who he really was. He wanted to know how to get the jobs that he really wanted. He had a dream to be a captain of industry but it wasn’t happening. So now he wanted to know what he was doing to sabotage the dream.

On a coaching programme of six monthly half-day face-to-face sessions he achieved these things:

  • In session one his frustration had been channelled into a step-by-step process.
  • In session two he realised that his level of wisdom was greater than the CEOs he had worked for. He was playing small. His lesson was to have stuck to his own inner truth and not to have been seduced by the salary and the charisma of cavalier CEOs. He wanted to go for a CEO’s job. But how? He hadn’t done one before. Who would take him?
  • In session three he worked out the strategy to land CEO roles.
  • In session four he worked on the new identity and skills that he already had to be a CEO. At this stage the coach referred him to a CV writing specialist to work on the presentation.
  • By session five he was having interviews and the time was spent practising his story and rehearsing his presentation.
  • By session six he had landed a new role, close to home in the top slot of an international turnaround.

At the end of the programme he identified these as the main benefits:

  • New confidence and belief to honour his potential, not his history.
  • An understanding that believing something first brings it into possibility.
  • A higher paying job in a market where everyone else but his Enrichyou coach was saying he would struggle to find another job at his age.

 Twelve months later he said:

“The venture capitalists who invested in the company have said my skills are wasted on the small role I have been doing, and would I take the helm of a large outfit in their portfolio! Life is getting better and better.”

"I recommend the Enrichyou Executive Coaching Service to anyone that needs it"

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Principle: If life doesn’t feel right when there is always too much going on - but working at a level that’s too small isn’t the answer

In life each of us is always in some kind of personal evolution and development. Sometimes it feels as though there is too much activity and sometimes there is too little activity. We might fluctuate between being bored and being tired, but that’s often fine and overall life feels good. But at other times we are continually failing to create the right type and level of activity and experience for who we really are. If this goes on for too long it can play out in strong emotions like anger, frustration, sadness or depression. In this case the person soon realised that he wanted to move up a level, but first he needed to learn to commit to a future that he couldn’t see and go out and make it happen. In going through the gateway from CFO to CEO he learned the skills that would sustain him at the new level.

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