How to manage yourself - Whole You

How to manage yourself - Whole You

In a workplace, directors, leaders and managers need to have a good understanding of human self-awareness. This needs to exist in the context of our own unique self-awareness and in the context of universal truths. Fulfilment and performance for the individual and commercial effectiveness for the business, all come from getting the best out of people. As leaders we need to be able to demonstrate that we can do this for ourself first. Click here for the Career Development Programmes.

Day to day businesses with short term goals and deadlines to achieve often look for the equivalent of a goal being scored in football. Businesses want the outcomes and behaviours and inherent capability of people in jobs. In football there are many things that have to be in place and to happen in a process for a goal to be scored. The same applies in a business context for a person to be able to make the sale or create a new product or deliver the order. In all of life’s experience, a part of it comes about by us mastering ourselves.

In the unseen dimensions of being human, are a set of functions and capacities that enable the rest of the body to work. This article entitled ‘whole you’, is here to open up the question of our own self-awareness, self discipline and the necessary maintenance required by an individual person to sustain themselves. We all need to know what the human condition is made up of. We all need to make some sense of life itself. We can all be better masters of our own experiences if we understand how to work with the best of our innate design. In the end this leads to business effectiveness and performance. It also leads to a better personal experience of work and a better collective experience of work if everyone is working at a higher level of understanding.

The opposite of high self-awareness is low or lack of self-awareness and low ability to engage with the inner dimensions of the human experience which can lead to individuals failing in role or in a collective group of people, where we end up bringing each other down to the lowest levels of life and into the worst of the human capacities and capabilities.

The aim of leaders and directors is to get the best of themselves and people. To do that we must lead the way in becoming masters of our own self-awareness and lead the way in humility to go through the learning that goes with it.

The benefit of this to a person and a business is wholeness. If a person is whole, they are working from their higher capacities and gifts. When that happens, not only is there personal integrity in each person, but there is also the building blocks for organisational integrity based on a person centred approach. All of this leads to higher levels of performance, creativity and entrepreneurial activity and skills.

The truth is that a business cannot be ultimately sustainable unless the people in the business are aiming to develop ‘wholeness’. The development of wholeness is not available as an injection; it is only available by a continuous workplace learning process – a mixture of formal training and development, with some coaching by the line leadership coupled with the opportunity of a job-role that stretches the person towards their next level of fulfilment. Self-awareness is the place to start as the foundation of all workplace relationships.

In summary

There is a widely held universal truth that human beings grow in experience, capacity and capability over time. This process of development comes with self-awareness. The human state of wholeness is found by working with all of our capacity and capability in mind, body, emotion and spiritual contexts. Leaders need to model the development process and lead others to find their greater capacities and gifts for the benefit of the business and the person themselves. Stunted or stifled development can bring a person and an organisation down. Integrity and a sustainable business require that, as a culture, people are learners and developing for the benefit of all.

Enrichyou’s Career Development Programmes assist directors, leaders and managers to grow in self awareness for the purpose of sustaining the application of higher skills and capabilities. Please click here for more information.

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