Organisational Development Programmes

Organisational Turnaround Programmes

When an organisation is in crisis and needs to act decisively and quickly, these programmes offer support that is highly focused on the immediate and pressing issues and challenges, with a looser and more flexible framework than is used at other times. They encompass a variety of intervention approaches from specialists in relevant fields, including sourcing interim management resources where required.

Choose from four organisation turnaround opportunities:

Introductory Organisation Turnaround Assessment

This is a low cost, low risk initial process comprising a business review, including interviews with key personnel, review of company finances and reviews with the managing director.

Creating a circle of sustainability It concludes with a written report and recommendations, including some suggested actions you can implement immediately – as well as a suggested course of further Enrichyou support. This process costs from £500 to £2,500, depending on the size of the company and thus the complexity of the assessment.

Read more about real live case studies by downloading our booklet ‘Creating a circle of sustainability

Operational Turnaround Programme

This service is for businesses with low profitability, permanent losses, seasonal losses or a cash flow crunch with no reserves or strategic pattern and path out. It focuses on uncovering the structural operational barriers to moving the organisation to a viable future.

Case study
We helped a £1 million turnover crime prevention and detection group to address the problem of one of the group’s businesses draining cash by needing extended start-up investment.

Our three-year guidance process moved through multiple phases, from reviewing the senior team’s membership and structure, through introducing cash flow management and financial measures to the creation (and eventual profitable sale) of a new group company with a collective vision and strategy.

Strategic Turnaround Programme

This service is for businesses which can see no ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ but don’t know what to do or the best way to go about finding sustainable direction. Typically there will be low margin in the business (circa 5% or less) and possibly high debt: there’s a clear need to take positive action to get back to performing again.

Case study
A £10 million turnover professional services business with 20 years of trading had failed to meet strategic margin expectations for several years. The directors were all good professionals in their own field, but virtually none were trained to run and manage a business at scale. All had run teams and functions, but this was a full blown trading entity.

A senior Enrichyou business coach conducted an 18 month, Strategic Turnaround Programme. This included elements of our Organisation Development Programmes, followed by business unit and individual director coaching and mentoring.

By the end of the process, the company had organised itself into client focused trading units with specialist professionals taking profit accountability. The relationships moved from being wholly employed to being in strategic supply relationships and in a variety of associate relationships. Margin had doubled within 18 months and was on an upward projection.

Cultural Turnaround Programme

This service is for businesses where the very character or capability of the management team is proving to be a liability. The CEO and board will know that they cannot move the business forward with the current attitudes and skills among management, but they would rather nurture people’s capacity to grow and develop rather than rushing to replace everyone.

Case study
A £200 million turnover business had a global presence and activities. From the entrepreneurial roots of the founder, the business had been handed down three generations to be lead and managed outside the direct family lineage.

The CEO and head of HR knew that, amongst other issues, the business could not grow until its collective leadership capability was increased. There was no strategically coordinated leadership development and hadn’t been for many years. Enrichyou delivered a high impact Cultural Turnaround Programme involving the entire management team of 30.

This wasn’t general skills training: the coaching-based approach lead to the management team themselves deciding to reorganise itself by product group and not geography as a route to achieving an identified £100 million of added value over a ten year period. The business is now in the process of organising itself to allow the leaders to take up their new roles.

Outline of Offers

  • Operational Turnaround
  • Strategic Turnaround
  • Cultural Turnaround


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