Career Formation Programme

Induction programmes usually cover just enough to help ease people into the organisation, but often they fall short of really setting the scene for what is expected from people. For graduates, apprentices and others entering their first job in particular, this programme is a great natural follow on from your induction, acting as a combination of training and mentoring to improve retention and maximise performance.

Usually delivered over a series of half-day group sessions, the programme is based around core content tailored to reflect your organisation’s objectives, working practices and culture. The aim is to give delegates a thorough grounding in essential skills, develop their ‘can do’ attitude and help them to find a way to ‘fit in’ while being true to themselves and put their unique talent to best use.

Content highlights include:

  • Bringing together personal and organisational objectives. We review what has brought them to your organisation and what they want from the next few years. We especially encourage them to think about how their own ambitions can best be served by aligning themselves to the organisation’s vision and objectives, including with a look at the commercial realities in which your organisation operates.
  • Working relationships. Relating well with peers, management and others is an essential skill, so we help delegates to analyse their strengths and weaknesses and then work on areas that need attention. Although we focus on the positives, there is content on how to diffuse and resolve conflict.
  • Core skills and behaviours. The importance of a host of skills are looked at, including timekeeping, decision making, problem solving, perseverance when things seem to be going wrong and taking a proactive approach.

Outline of Offers

  • Career Formation
  • Graduates
  • Apprentices
  • New Intakes


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