Change Management

Change Management Programmes

Enrichyou manage the change as a project and develop the leadership population whilst we work. This intervention may be the highest value adding approach if the additional costs of project management are not achievable with internal resource capacity or capability.

Enrichyou Change Management Programmes are designed to deliver where there is time to make change and the business is not in a turnaround scenario. The business is not yet ready for an organisational development programme, but directors and leaders have the time and capability to manage the process of change. In our change management programmes our coach-consultant-trainers manage the change project management process.

In addition to our coaching based change to develop the leaders and any consultancy needed to get hands on, in this intervention some management is needed too. This can be achieved by internal project management, or an Enrichyou supplied interim project manager who is pivotal to managing the change and making sure it translates into your working environment.

Outline of Offers

  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Interim Management


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