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Coaching for private individuals through our personal Growth Journeys Seminar

The heart of any society is its people at home - as individuals, couples, parents and families. This is why we have developed a series of Growth Journeys to help people find the understanding, attitudes and skills needed to live with stability and lead fulfilled lives.

The complexity of life

If life was easy we would all be happy all of the time. But from an early age we find that life is not straightforward. It is complex, confusing and brings ups and downs with the extremes of joy and pain. We all handle the challenges in different ways, but sometimes we need help, be it some teaching of skills (such as parenting), someone to bounce ideas off and someone who can truly listen and help us find the right answers for ourselves.

Our expertise

The Enrichyou team of coaches, mentors and trainers have all faced the challenges of life and asked many questions about life itself and how to lead fulfilling ones. We are also trained to teach and guide individuals to lead a life and to create stable homes. We also know how to help you recover from many of life’s problems, as well as preventing them happening in the first place.

The Growth Journey structure

Our Growth Journeys are delivered initially through a mixture of workbooks, online tools and individual email contact with Enrichyou coaches. We are currently redeveloping the materials and structure for the next series of Growth Journeys and will be updating the information here when they are available.

There are four types of Growth Journey from which to choose:

Individual Growth Journey

This is all about providing an environment in which to find out what will help you lead a full and happy life. There is no underlying cult, religion or philosophy behind it. Instead, we work with your beliefs and understanding, using the skills and techniques we have found to be most successful throughout our experience of coaching, mentoring and training.

We will work through a series of activities that we have found lead to greater clarity about why the world is so confusing and how to keep yourself engaged in your own fulfillment. There is also time spent looking at what to do if you fall out of life’s sunshine and where to get the right types of help.

Programme content includes:

  • How the world works for us humans, and why it’s so important to take one day at a time.
  • Defining what really matters to you and your essentials of happiness at all life stages.
  • Understanding the principles of relationships, with specific skills such as learning to really listen to others, how to give help in the best way, and how to handle confusion, differences and conflict.
  • Having a vision and plans for the future while being spontaneous at the same time.

Relationship Growth Journey

Any couple can sometimes struggle to truly share in life’s challenges and joy. When that happens - whether it’s a nagging annoyance or a more serious situation - this is a safe place to gain better awareness and honesty about the situation. It also shares simple but effective skills and behaviours to navigate through to better times.

This programme is equally suitable whether you are approaching the decision to make a life long commitment to another, recently married or otherwise committed but yet to reach the level of togetherness you were hoping for, or if you have hit doubts or difficulties about staying together.

Programme content includes:

  • The definitions, purpose and consequence of love.
  • The responsibilities that go with relationships.
  • The stages of lifelong love, including the hidden trials.
  • The fulfillment of you as individuals and as a couple.

Parent Growth Journey

This is all about exploring your innermost feelings about children and parenting, whether as a couple or a single parent. It will help you find your own dos and don’ts of parenting, including approaches to use when the warning signs are that your children are heading the wrong way.

The programme is suitable whether you are thinking of having children, trying for a baby, thinking about fostering or adopting, or of course if you already have children and are striving to become the best parent you can be. Because of the flexible approach taken, it works if you are lacking confidence in being a parent or even if you have lost control over your children.

Programme content includes:

  • The purpose of parenting.
  • The journey of the child - as a baby, toddler, junior and teenager.
  • The journey of the adult - through to becoming a parent.
  • Communication styles with your children
  • Working by mutual agreement, teaching your children to make agreements.
  • Giving the boundaries, saying NO and managing the breaches.
  • How can you help your children to become happy, healthy, self esteemed, confident, self aware, caring and resourceful?

Family Growth Journey

This programme is here to help you learn how to create family unity. It aims to improve the working dynamics of the family and expand the communication channels to enable a deeper level of dialogue. All family members will have a new perspective on how to live as a human happy unit.

Arguments and differences of opinions exist in all families; this programme helps families to stop them escalating to a dangerous level and unite to make the most of the harmonious, happier times. Typically you will participate as a family, ie parent/s and children aged 11-16. Parents with younger children should choose the Parent Growth Journey (see above).

Programme content includes:

  • What does being in a family mean and what can it bring to family members?
  • Family members’ identities, personalities, roles and responsibilities.
  • The implications of levels of authority and the freedoms we can all expect.
  • Family rules - most of them unwritten.
  • Working by family agreements
  • Communication methods, including for difficult conversations.
  • Being yourself in the family, while still working for family unity.

Find out more

Please contact us for more information about our Growth Journeys, or take a look at our case studies to see how we have enabled people to overcome their difficulties, find new direction and reach the life they were born to live.

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