Commercial Management Programmes

Cultural Development Programmes

These programmes are for forming the base layer of culture in a business. They are here to give the platform upon which all activities in your business are founded. Primary cultural values, mindsets, attitudes, behaviours and skills are developed from here. In a sustainable business we are also looking for timeless values and universal truths to be shared and understood in cultural and behavioural development.

Choose from three core areas of cultural development intervention:


Career Formation Programme


This programme is designed to unlock the heart, soul and talents of the individuals and plumb them into the energy, practices, culture and future direction of your business. Careers shape up in eras. People grow during the passage of time. If the person and the business are not in discussion about the issues that matter most to both parties, either the employees are at risk of leaving or the business is at risk of under-performing or remaining static. The purpose of the Career Formation Programmes is to set up the potential for maximum value-add to both the business and the person and to remove the risks that cause preventable staff turnover.


Cultural Leadership Development Programme


These programmes form leaders in the military academy concept of basic training to underpin a career and a standard culture of leadership. The programmes are clearly not run in a military training style!! They can be used to form new leaders, formalise leaders who have experience but no formal development. A ten step approach to leadership and sustainable development are imprinted into the leadership capability from which the leadership population take on a common approach to being the best in their field. Specific organisational mindsets, values and behaviours can be tailored into the programme to suit each business.


Sustainable Business Culture


This programme is newly available from 2013 and because of its range and depth of potential definition and application, can be created in a specific way to suit your organisation. It does what it says in the title, it forms the mindsets needed to work in a sustainable business. It can become a summary or a central programme around elements that already exist in the business. The programme can also become a new founding cultural platform from which all else new is created. This programme area cannot be implemented with full integrity unless the business is protected by a trust or a charitable trust (or intends to be). If a business can be sold for maximum price earnings ratios – it is unlikely to be ‘sustainable’ in the very long term.



These programmes will enable businesses to sustain in the following ways:  

  • There is a universal formation process and approach within your business
  • There is a common leadership philosophy and approach which is character, capacity and capability based
  • There is an intangible ethos held within your people that holds the business up to be the best it can be, possibly leading to long term sustainability if the business ownership structure allows.


Commercial Management Programmes

Outline of Offers

  • Bespoke, commercial outcome focused programmes
  • Specific group and individual learning outcomes addressed whilst achieving commercial outcomes.


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