Development Professional
Development Professional
Richard Uglow

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Professionals in Employment

Development Professionals
in Employment

I am a business professional from HR, training or line leadership. I am looking for coach-training and/or organisational development skills.

Regionally delivered programmes include:

  • Practitioner in Business Coach-Training
  • Practitioner in Organisational Development
  • Development Director Formation
  • Consultancy and guidance
  • Events, presentations and seminars

Please call 08456 126 006

Professionals in Association

Development Professionals
in Association

I am an independent associate looking to network, develop and offer my expertise. I am interested in becoming licensed to deliver 1-2-1 coaching programmes.

Relationship Includes:

  • Business Coach Formation Programme
  • Monthly professional development as a group
  • Licensed use of Leading Professional Coaching Toolkits
  • Distance Learning
  • Annual conference

Please call 08456 126 006

Professionals in Partnership

Development Professionals
in Partnership

I am a small ‘development business’ owner and don’t want to grow the business ‘on my own’. I am looking for a partnership relationship.

Relationship Includes Associate Relationship plus:

  • Monthly Business Development Coaching Meeting
  • Assistance to develop your own product and programmes
  • Licensed use of leading leadership programmes

Please call 08456 126 006

Professionals in Practice

Development Professionals
in Practice

I am a professional developer at the top of my game, but don’t want to grow my own business. I want to work in an established partnership practice:

Relationship Includes:

  • Full use of all branded Enrichyou Development Programmes
  • On-going professional development
  • Full use of proven Enrichyou methodologies for marketing, selling and delivery

Please call 08456 126 006