Director Development Programmes

Director Development Programmes

The holistic view of the world required by the modern director, along with the normal challenges of running a profitable business, make 21st century directorships not for the faint hearted. However the modern director has no need to feel isolated or burdened: coupled with the wider network to which you belong, these programmes can play an important role in your development.

Choose from four director development opportunities:

Director of a Sustainable Business

This flagship Enrichyou Director Development Programme has been created from over ten years of developing directors. It is run to the highest levels of intention: high business integrity, the highest levels of professional development and a structured programme with rigor. It requires value add outcomes to be delivered during the programme. The full Enrichyou Director Development portfolio of learning materials come with this programme. 

With all the Director Development Programmes, delegates need to be in charge of the whole business entity. With the Sustainable Business Programme, there is a requirement that the director will implement and apply the learning through their direct reports and teams, and lead a transformational change and organisational development programme. This may be during the programme or during a post-programme implementation of learning. 

A director formed on this development programme is equipped to deliver lasting value, change and sustainable business growth for the remainder of their career. 

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Director of a Small Business Programme

Whether you are about to embark on running a business or are eager to grow the one you have, this programme will give you support through a facilitated schedule of examining your strategy and activities to achieve positive results.

Typically delivered through face-to-face coaching sessions, telephone coaching calls and online support activity, this is for owner/managers who know they want to grow their business but who need some help and new skills. It’s the ideal environment in which to face the challenges head on and make great progress towards growth and personal fulfillment.

Content highlights include:

  • Motivation and wellbeing. Strategies for motivation and endurance, staying healthy during the toughest of challenges and maintaining belief and focus.
  • Your business’s offer. Choosing a market focus, branding and profitable offers, capturing client feedback and building a sales and marketing pipeline.
  • Business growth strategy. Doing things in the right order, gaining support from others and working through the ‘noise’ of things to do.

Director of a Growing SME Programme

Generating maximum team performance is the focus of this programme. It addresses the challenge for SME leaders of events and people coming at you from all sides if you have not organised yourself and the business to focus on its growth path.

Usually delivered through a combination of face-to-face and telephone coaching sessions, this programme provides support in the task of developing a multi-functional team into a united team with a mission and vision. It covers the disciplines and structures to help you take greater control and make sure all the disciplines are working in unison and harmony.

Content highlights include:

  • Sales and marketing. Defining your marketplace and customers of the future, refreshing and re-inventing the offer and developing a five-year strategy and sales and marketing plan - but with quick wins along the way.
  • Business performance. Constructing a profitable business model, recruiting and managing ‘winners’ who deliver excellence, and ensuring the right administration, procedures and processes are in place,
  • The business plan. Your business plan’s purpose, vision and details, and engaging the team by using the business plan as a communication document.

Director of a Large Organisation Programme

With your mindset of being able and prepared to make courageous decisions, this programme will give you the tools with which to engage an entire organisation, business unit or function in your quest.

Usually delivered in a series of half day face-to-face coaching sessions, with additional contact in between sessions, it faces the problem that you can’t be everywhere all of the time, and addresses the challenge of how you get people to move beyond mediocrity into sharing your vision and giving your corporate or functional mission their heart and soul with effectiveness.

Content highlights include:

  • Shaping the organisational entity. Recruiting and structuring the right team, with directors and leaders who are truly directing and leading rather than getting bogged down in irrelevant tasks.
  • Shaping the collective vision. Running a process where the board or your team has a collective vision and is always looking ahead, and with a ‘dispersed leadership’ with leaders throughout the organisation so you aren’t always seen as the one with the solution.
  • Effective communication. Create the right forums in which people learn from the past but are focused on what they can influence and change for the future, with your senior team able to be honest about mistakes and problems to support learning and development. Turn your organisation into a vibrant, living system.
  • Corporate excellence. Learn how to make sure functions and people know what excellence is, with self-directed plans to move towards it - and yourself available to guide, shape, coach and mentor.

Free Introductory Director Development Session*

After an initial telephone call or network meeting, we agree a free half day face-to-face session. In that session we get you to define your director development needs and create your own tailored development agenda which translates into skills, business impact and personal fulfillment.

At the end of the session you may decide to proceed with a relevant development programme or not, based on the experience and perceived benefit you will receive.

*For the Director of a Sustainable Business Programme a commitment to a ‘not to proceed payment’ of £500 + vat is required at the time of agreeing to the free session. This is only invoiced if the bespoke programme is not entered into. The amount of work and cost involved in preparing for the Director of a Sustainable Business Programme requires shared risk of cancellation/intention not to proceed.  

Outline of Offers

  • Director of a Sustainable Business
  • Director of Small Business
  • Director of a Growing SME
  • Director of a Large Organisation
  • Free Introductory Session


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