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Principles and Practices of a Sustainable Business Seminar

The Enrichyou approach

For the past decade, Enrichyou have developed and delivered our blend of coaching, mentoring and training. Chief among those techniques is coaching – the best way we know to get to each person’s real issues quickly and then work with them to change behaviours and achieve greater things as a result.

If you work through one of our programmes you won’t emerge with a qualification or certificate. The flexibility and freedom of our approach means that you will instead have experienced a unique journey focused entirely on your own objectives and wishes.

Here are seven reasons that our approach has been so successful in developing people and organisations:

1. Always putting you at the centre of things
Whether we are delivering one-to-one coaching or group programmes, we focus on the situation of the people we work with, rather than just try to teach generic skills. For our business clients, we know that organisations only grow if people grow, so our focus in on encouraging personal growth to foster long term sustainability for the organisation.

2. A focus on the outcomes you desire
We always find out what our clients are looking to achieve early in the process and then work towards helping them reach that outcome. From growing a business to improving family relationships, for once it really is all about you.

3. The most effective process with maximum efficacy
The techniques we use within our programmes have been tried and tested by us over the past decade. They have proven themselves to be second to none in achieving positive outcomes, as evidenced by the 100 percent client satisfaction we continue to create.

4. Lasting change for true sustainability
On our programmes you will get to the heart of what is causing difficulties or what is stopping growth. This is the only way we know to achieve lasting change, rather than a temporary improvement or, worse still, the ‘sticking plaster’ that some training or consultancy services often feel like.

5. Adding value at all times
Value means many things, so there are various ways we seek to add value for our clients. For businesses it means always keeping the commercial objectives in mind, no matter what individual issues people have. For our community clients it’s about focusing our work on outcomes that will have the most significant impact.

6. Flexibility to use the right style
Although we have a number of branded programmes, within each one there is considerable scope for flexibility in the delivery style. We recognise that each person is unique and we are able to shape how we work with them accordingly.

7. Little and often over time
In most cases we deliver support over a period of months or even years, recognising that sometimes the most lasting change comes from a consistent step-by-step approach. Along the way there will be a series of small realisations and changes, which combine to achieve significant lasting change.

Case Study - Choice of four areas of work

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