Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching & Mentoring for directors is a totally bespoke service shaped and structured around the needs of each individual director.

The needs of directors should be firstly assessed against the design and purpose of the flagship programme 'Director of a Sustainable Business' which is a role formation programme to develop directors for high office. There is flexibility to bespoke elements and the timescale within that programme. If it is not full role formation that is needed then Executive Coaching should then be considered.

The outcomes for Executive Coaching are anything chosen to support the achievement and fulfilment of the director's role. Examples of requests include:

1) Independent mentoring, support and input, like a personal non-exec director

2) Performance coaching to assist in the challenges of directorship

3) Skill focused coaching to round off a weakness in a person's experience

4) Mentoring to assist in the navigation of a particular challenge

5) Coaching to assist a director to let go of the way of being and doing management, before stepping up a level.

6) Career direction and re-direction

Each piece of executive coaching is started with an initial meeeting to engage in the intention and outcomes required. The structure and amount of coaching needed falls out of the intention.

To make an enquiry about this first class Executive Coaching Service, in confidence, please e-mail using the box to the right or call the main number to request a call back.

To view or down load a sample of the Executive Coaching case studies and outcomes from the last 10 years of activity please click here  (Look for the first document in the list called 'Creating a Circle of Sustainability').


Outline of Offers

  • Operational Turnaround
  • Strategic Turnaround
  • Cultural Turnaround


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