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Thank you for considering signing up to our FREE resources. We have developed a range of formats to suit your individual needs and time constraints. All of our resources are designed to give you inspiration and guidance at work and in your personal life.

Audio Presentation

Audio Presentation

“Become the leaders in your field”

This is an hour long presentation containing four case studies that illustrate real issues that enrich you has helped its clients with.

Listeners have found these stories inspirational and interesting and they are ideal for those journeys to work; one of the few times in the day when you might actually get some thinking time!

12 Reasons Why Businesses Fail To Succeed

This downloadable PDF is a tips-based 20 page business report, constructed from all our experience of helping businesses to sustain, transform and turnaround to survive into the long-term.

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Case Study - Choice of four areas of work

Case StudyTo view or download a FREE 24 page case study document from ten years of research and activity in the field from any of the areas of Business Sustainability, Leadership Development, Finding a Path through life and Prisoners ‘Breaking the Chain’.

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