Learning resources

In-house materials

Enrichyou – access to all our highly effective tools to help the next generation to run sustainable and thriving businesses – when you invite us ‘in-house’.

Part of the success Enrichyou has achieved in developing directors, leaders and managers for a decade is due to the high quality and efficacy of our learning materials. Resources such as our unique ‘workbooks and toolkits’ of learning activities are used by our trainers and coaches to help people improve in a wide variety of areas – from personal effectiveness to directing large organisations.

Workbooks and Toolkits

  • Creating a business case
  • Writing business reports
  • Interpreting financial data
  • Decision Making processes
  • Effective Board Membership
  • Board Dynamics
  • Legal Duties, Responsibilities and Liabilities
  • Fundamental Coaching Skills
  • Purpose and the management of time
  • Poor performance and discipline
  • One to One verbal communication
  • Budgets and KPI’s
  • Motivation, performance and reward
  • 360 degree business communication
  • Commercial Decision Making
  • Leading Teams and Groups
  • Influential Communication

Here is a sample of our toolkit format:
  • Managing at a senior level
  • Team leadership
  • Managing managers  and larger teams
  • Essential coaching skills
  • Coaching for organizational change and development
  • Coaching skills for the development of senior managers
  • Leading a growing SME
  • Director of a large organization
  • Running a small business
  • Managing working relationships
  • Managing your career
  • Personal effectiveness for managers

Case Study - Choice of four areas of work

Case StudyTo view or download a FREE 24 page case study document from ten years of research and activity in the field from any of the areas of Business Sustainability, Leadership Development, Finding a Path through life and Prisoners ‘Breaking the Chain’.

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