Management Career Path Programmes

Leadership Career Path

The challenges change throughout your management career, so we have created a series of programmes that reflect the individual characteristics of different levels of leadership. The intention is initially take new or emerging managers and help them understand and reach professional standards, and then to help more established managers fine tune their approaches and skills to excel at a senior level.

Choose from four Leadership & Management Development opportunities:

Introductory Essential Leadership Skills Workshop

Fundamental Coaching SkillsThis is a one-day, in-house workshop, designed to address the core issues of what leadership at any level entails. It’s designed to educate, motivate, inspire and equip delegates with core archetype skills for immediate action and application in the workplace.

Typically run in groups of up to 12 and priced at £165 per delegate, this programme looks at the three essential roles that successful managers must adopt - leader, coach and inspirer - and leads to each delegate creating their own vision and short-term action plan for their own development.

First Line Manager Programme

For people with a function to run, a portfolio of clients to service, or a team to garner into action, this programme helps them to approach the role from the aspiration of mastery.

Certified First Line ManagerIt’s ideal for those at the beginning of a first line management role, or anyone who has been in the role for a while but whose performance is inconsistent. It is best run cross-functionally so that silo thinking is not maintained and experiences are stretched the furthest, although a function specific audience can attend too.

Content highlights include:

  • Overview. Establishing what excellence and professionalism look like and where the first line manager’s responsibilities begin and end. System thinking is also covered.
  • Management of tasks. Defining your objectives and then planning and budgeting to meet them. Specific subjects include resource measurement, time management and root cause analysis to find fundamental solutions.
  • Management of people. Performance management, including poor performance, discipline, grievance, motivation and development. We also get to the heart of team dynamics and team leadership skills.
  • Management of communication. How to get the most from team briefings, meetings, presentations and other communication vehicles. A first line manager will leave with the confidence of character and tools to handle workplace communication effectively.

Middle Manager Programme

Being responsible and accountable for a larger system is the next step in any successful management career. This programme enables you to see the bigger picture, work through people, manage a broader range of issues and operate at a strategic level while efficiently making sure the details are attended to.

It’s ideally suited to anyone who has to manage a number of managers, so it will appeal to shift managers, department heads, area and regional managers, product managers and so on.

Content highlights include:

  • Proactive management. Decision making, embracing and initiating change, project and process management, management by walking around, managing managers and requesting resources, innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • General management. The fundamentals of accounting, investments and ROI, and essential skills for, selling, negotiating, influencing and client and supplier management. There’s also content on recruitment, coaching, mentoring, appeals and grievance.
  • Organisational wide communication. The role of the middle manager in communicating across the organisation and using communication skills for performance management, successful meetings, upwards communication and external communication.

General Manager Programme

This programme addresses the two main challenges of stepping up to a senior management position: maximising your ability to manage the strategic, operational and change agendas, while at the same time maintaining your own wellbeing.

TravelsphireIt’s not for focusing on the technical content and specialisms of the role. It is instead about developing the pure leadership and management skills needed to run a function or business unit, joined up to the organisation’s bigger system.

Content highlights include:

  • Being a leader in your field. This is about understanding what excellence in your industry looks like and your organisation’s raison d’etre and business strategy. It’s also about defining your own capability to manage relationships with clients and industry contacts in the context of your role.
  • Business management. Here we look at various approaches to management, including business process re-engineering, managing change, managing performance in groups and one-to-ones, matrix management, defining performance, decision making and managing your function as part of the business.
  • Powerful communication. Communication in all its forms, from asking the right research questions to verbal and written communication. Whether it’s constructing a strategy paper, business plan, a case for capital expenditure plans or whatever else your role requires, we look at how to get to the heart of the communication issues.

Outline of Offers

  • Essential Leadership Skills Workshop
  • First Line Management Programme
  • Middle Management Programme
  • Senior Management Programme


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