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Enrichyou have brought together the teaching of essential skills with a coaching-based approach that uncovers and addresses each person’s own barriers to success. The aim is to help form rounded managers who will take pride in getting the best from their team to achieve worthwhile objectives.

This approach addresses the fact that many of us are promoted into management roles and become self taught. The problem is that it’s not easy for the majority to steer a path to excellence through trial and error, observation, reading and guidance from mentors. The established management qualifications have an important role to play, but they struggle to address the core issues and motivations unique to each individual - the very things that can make or break you as a manager, and that fail to translate the development investment into profit and lasting learning.

  1. FREE CD Become the Leaders In Your Field
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  2. Business Journal – low cost monthly education and guidance
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  3. Developing Whole Leaders – Case Studies
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  4. Seminar or One-to-One Meeting – The Essence of Leadership and Leadership Development.
  5. The principles and practice of leadership development (one to one meeting)

    An exclusive one-hour presentation-meeting in the comfort of your own office or a location chosen by you.

    For busy HR directors and up to three people, an Enrichyou Director will take you through the findings of the how to develop leaders in the context of your own business. 

    The benefit of this starting point is that the principles can be understood in the context of your own business. There is no higher efficacy approach to understanding these principles and practices. There is absolutely no selling and we leave requiring nothing from you. Even if you want ‘to buy’ we will not do so in this personal seminar setting. 

    This exclusive seminar is priced at £50.00 +VAT and comes with a money back guarantee. So that if at the end of the session you feel that there is not sufficient value in the findings and guidance, we will give you your money back, no quibbles. 

    “Really interesting, incredibly useful and left me excited about the future.”
    East Midlands MD

    If this is of interest to you, then an email to requesting a call to arrange a suitable time and place is all that is needed.

  6. The principles and practice of leadership development seminar

    A two-hour seminar, normally held over breakfast at a venue close to you. 

    This group seminar, intended for HR directors and managers who are influential decision makers, is designed to inspire you by looking at the fundamental issues and challenges at the heart of leadership for running long term sustainable businesses. 

    Based on ten years of research and our work with organisations in many sectors and of many sizes, the seminar aims to provide you with the opportunity to explore knowledge and hear evidence of the critical leadership factors common to every sustainable enterprise. There is also a specific look at the skills and behaviours directors and senior managers need in order to run truly sustainable businesses. The seminar includes inspiration, information, case studies and discussions to bring the subject to life and to help us get to the core issues. 

    This is a superb opportunity to take a step back from your daily pressures to focus on the core issues, and of course to get some new insights into how they can be overcome. It will also give you opportunity to experience the style and proven methodologies used by Enrichyou to develop directors and managers of sustainable enterprises.

    You will have the opportunity to question the Enrichyou directors about your own specific circumstances with immediate guidance.

    What you will come away with:

    • The principles of developing whole and rounded leaders.
    • The leadership disconnect and how to close it.
    • How to develop a leadership population that is running a sustainable business.

    This seminar could save you spending thousands of pounds going down blind alleys and will assist you to make profit optimising decisions. 

    This seminar is priced at £15.00 +VAT 

    If you wish to register for the next seminar at a location in your region, please email us with your name, title and preferred time during the day for such an event – e.g. breakfast, lunchtime, evening session.

Outline of Offers

  • FREE Case Study Report
  • Low Cost Monthly Business Journal CD
  • Seminar or 1:1 – The Essence of Leadership Development


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