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Learning materials

Learning resources

“Really enjoyed the course and will keep the workbooks, they are really well put together... got a lot out of it. Many thanks”

This is a typical piece of feedback for Enrichyou Learning Resources. But this piece of feedback comes from a Cambridge Graduate who is now a Director and has used five of our one day modules. So our resources are benchmarked to work right up to the most capable members of our society.

Learning Resources are an integral part of the development process. Enrichyou understand the subtle blend of visual, knowledge, theoretical and practical exercises needed to make learning last. Our learning resources assist the learner to focus on the outcomes, bring the subject area alive and by facilitating specific learning points and individual agendas to make the learning last.

There are now three evolving areas for you to gain value and benefit with our learning resources:

  • Online Programmes
    Modular learning in themed programmes

    We aim to help you build your own online library by links to our online modules so that you can build your own learning path at your own pace and in your own way. Our flagship programme, ‘How to run a sustainable business’ in 12 modules is the first foundation programme in this area. Click here to view the free introductory module.
  • Online Resources
    Ad-hoc tools and resources for varying applications

    Along the way, we have developed many useful tools and resources that have efficacy and value in general and specific learning environments. This facility will begin progressively from May 2011. Press here to view the ‘proactive attitude shaper’
  • In-house materials
    Comprehensive and designed to enable accelerated learning in one day

    Part of the success Enrichyou has achieved in developing directors, leaders and managers for a decade is due to the high quality and efficacy of our in-house programmes. The in-house learning materials and resources are integral to this success (These will be available in June 2011).

Modular learning in themed programmes

Case Study - Choice of four areas of work

Case StudyTo view or download a FREE 24 page case study document from ten years of research and activity in the field from any of the areas of Business Sustainability, Leadership Development, Finding a Path through life and Prisoners ‘Breaking the Chain’.

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