Low Cost Services

These value-adding services are specifically designed for smaller businesses, typically with turnovers of less than £1million per annum or businesses which are not making any margin.

Each service has a risk-free start, where the first session is attended for FREE. Each service is a rolling 12 month service with a money back guarantee on value-add across the period of time.

Just register your details in the call back box to the right and ask for your FREE initial phone call with one of the Sustainable Business Practice Directors.

Choose from the three service levels below:

  • £62.50 per calendar month (e-mail & phone)

For businesses where a virtual service is sufficient and affordable to ensure value-add from the fees. This service offers an unlimited response element and a regular structured monthly phone call to maintain the business owner/director on the key issues that will enable sustainability to evolve.

  • £125.00 per calendar month (monthly half day group development session)

For businesses where a virtual service is not enough. This development process is specfically focused on creating the brand, the offer and working with the owner-director to ensure that they are resourced, happy and healthy admist the challenges of starting or continuing a small business. At the end of the twelve months there will be a clear brand, offer and vision from which to step forward with. 

  • £250.00 per calendar month (monthly sustainable business development group)

For businesses where the owner director wishes to learn how to become a director of a sustainable business in a more formal and structured way. The aim is to bring about lasting development and take the business value-add and sustainability 'up a level'. The monthly development day is split into two halves; in the morning we work on the business issues that are relevant to the business in a live issue related way. In the afternoon, the group work with structured development inputs and tools to underpin the sustainable development of the business. The power of the group brings vitality and diversity so that the universal application of sustainable principles and practices can be seen in all industry sectors. The business problems that others are struggling with in another sector will be relevant to you. All delegates are asked to agree to confidentiality of shared information. Each group will have a maximum of 12 business owner/directors.

Typical areas of guidance
  • Offer, product and service creation and positioning
  • Pricing
  • Marketing guidance
  • Approach to specific forthcoming business events, meetings and issues
  • Fulfilment issues
  • Scaling up
  • Signposting, collaboration and network contacts
  • Personal clarity and coaching
  • Business mentoring


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