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Principles and Practices of a Sustainable Business Seminar

Meet the Founder – Richard Uglow

Enrichyou is led by its founder and managing director, Richard Uglow. This interview gave Richard an opportunity to talk about how he arrived at his position as a coach and the underlying philosophy behind Enrichyou.

Tell us about your background

I graduated from Leeds University and my career was then mostly with blue chips, including Cadbury Schweppes, Rimmel International, Saga Holidays, TESCO and Geest Bananas. I worked in production management, became financial controller (and a CIMA qualified accountant) and then a commercial director by the time I was 34. I also spent a number of years as a Territorial Army officer.

When did you start to take an interest in coaching?

I think I’ve always been a coach, but I didn’t recognise it at first. In my late 30s I realised that my real skill was not in my functional roles, but in my ability to help individuals and teams improve their performance.

This lead me to spend some time in interim change management and consultancy, and then to be part of the pioneering days of the coaching profession in the UK in the late 1990s. To back up the coaching style I had already developed I became a qualified coach with a Diploma in Coaching Mastery and a Certificate in Group Coaching Mastery.

Why did you form Enrichyou?

Most of all because I wanted to create the environment in which I could make the biggest difference to people and organisations. I felt that too much personal development training, like the thousands of ‘off the shelf’ training courses out there, focus entirely on regurgitating information to try to teach skills of various kinds.

Of course there’s a place for skills training, and it forms part of what we do, but the difference is that I wanted to approach things differently. Instead of forcing people to go through what a training syllabus or text book says they should, I wanted to ask people what they want to address and achieve, and then help them achieve those things.

What are your biggest achievements?

Well, apart from my family, it might be the fact that Enrichyou has helped ten major organisations to find routes to sustainable growth. Together, the added economic value reported to us by clients in these organisations is £350 million. But just as important is the many start-ups and small businesses that have achieved successful outcomes with our help.

Of course, there are the many human stories of people who have overcome some pretty big hurdles to find a better place in life. We have helped people find new careers, move on from damaging relationships and even break a pattern of years of serious crime. It’s all testament to the way that coaching can uncover real issues and achieve real change.

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