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One primary ethos at Enrichyou is what we call ‘little and often over time’. We know that a mature wine only comes about once the maturation process has been able to work. Becoming leaders of the sustainable businesses is no different.

Another primary ethos we have is ‘adding–value’. Unless we can help you add-value through your role or business, we become a cost to you.

We only need to stop you from going down a costly blind alley, or to give you a piece of information or guidance that you can implement into your business tomorrow, or support you to work out how to navigate an issue or opportunity to add value which outweighs any cost. The ratio of £1million of fee charged to £350 million of client recorded added value over the last 10 years of our work demonstrates that we care about your economic sustainability and make sure the odds are stacked well and truly in your favour.

We have developed three ‘low cost, high potential value adding services’ that operate on a monthly basis which you can stop at any time.

1) e-Business Response - £10 per calendar month

Unlimited e-mail response to questions and queries about running a sustainable business. Everything from strategic principles and practices to pricing and sustainable margin calculations. A virtual consultancy at your finger tips.

2) e-Seminar Programme - £25 per calendar month

A 1 hour audio or video seminar, each month, accessible via our website to really engage you in the fundamentals of being a top professional leader and manager who thinks in all dimensions of running and steering a sustainable business or community organisation.

3) Sustainable Business Support - £50 per calendar month

Unlimited e-mail access to your Sustainable Business Practice Director, 6 hours of telephone support per annum, structured to suit you, but recommended as 40 minutes evenly spaced on 9 months across a year. e-Seminar programme included.


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