Stress and Wellbeing Programmes

The Enrichyou Personal Coaching, Stress and Wellbeing Programmes are designed to provide essential support at three of the most significant stages in a career: during a significant period of business change, during a personal crisis or during a professional crisis. For the individuals involved, our coaches, trainers and mentors offer invaluable and even life-changing support.

These are most frequently one-to-one coaching sessions with varying outcomes as chosen by the person in the specific situation. As one of the pioneering professionals in the UK coaching market and particularly in the workplace coaching environment, enrichyou has a general perspective on the most frequent use and need for a professional coaching service which deliver mutual benefit to all parties.

Choose the programme that is right for your circumstances:

1. Leadership and management coaching

Enrichyou pioneered professional coaching in the business leadership and management arena from the late 1990s. The timeless value of such an intervention will remain so long as people want to learn and develop into roles which they have not done before and are not fully equipped for. These coaching programmes are typically used for career re-direction, specific skill development, rounding into role coaching, performance coaching, challenge guidance and mentoring, role formation, high value outcome coaching.

2. Career Transition Programme

Sometimes, even the best performers reach times in their career when responding to change is difficult, such as a recent promotion, a change of role or a bigger challenge as a result of fundamental organisational change. At times like these, the Enrichyou Career Transition Programme can help people move across the transition with a new personal vision and a renewed sense of the future.

The programme is delivered on a one-to-one coaching basis for people who are manifesting early signs of stress, anxiety or absence as a result of changes going on, or who are struggling to find the motivation and commitment required of them.

Content highlights include:

  • Knowing and believing in yourself. A chance to revisit your own natural talents and capabilities, but also to identify any gaps in skill or ability that are making the transition difficult.
  • Coping with change. Practical support to reestablish a sense of direction about the future, and to adapt to and learn form the new situation.
  • Taking the initiative. The theme here is that life evolves whether we like it not, so why not lead, create and influence things rather than become a slave to events and circumstances? We explore ways to accept the change, let go of the past and move on to become actively involved in the future.

Programme outcomes

The outcomes that the delegate set out to achieve will have become manifest. The person will be stress free, well and better able to cope. There will have been a lifetime learning experience that will anchor and underpin all life experience in the person from this point going forwards. 

3. Career Crisis Programme

Significant under-performance by key individuals doesn’t have to be permanent, no matter how serious the underlying cause. The Enrichyou Career Crisis Programme is designed to help people who have come to a major career and life crossroads, by providing individual coaching as a route to overcoming the crisis.

The programme is delivered in a one-to-one coaching environment and is usually delivered to people in a management or senior role, although anyone can benefit. It addresses major internal blockages caused by issues of powerlessness, worthlessness, hopelessness or helplessness, and teaches the skills needed to start and maintain a healthy and sustainable future.

The programme is by its nature very flexible, but it usually involves three phases:

  • Phase 1 - self awareness and the root cause of the crisis. After encouraging a full disclosure of the facts of the situation, we work to uncover the root cause of whatever is going on. We also try to get a sense of what outcome the person is looking for.
  • Phase 2 - closing the gap. This is about finding a way to ‘close the door’ on the present crisis and find a new vision and sense of direction. The person will be helped to realign themselves to the challenges they face and construct the skills and resources for moving forwards.
  • Phase 3 - back in charge. The future that the person can expect is described and a path to it is mapped out, with concrete plans and realistic steps.

Programme outcomes

The outcomes that the delegate set out to achieve will have become manifest. The person will be stable once more and the storm will have passed. There will have been a lifetime learning experience that will anchor and underpin all life experience in the person from this point going forwards.

Outline of Offers

  • Stress and wellbeing
  • Career transition
  • Career crisis
  • Extreme or difficult behaviour
  • Organisational transition


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