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Enrichyou’s Jigsaw of Life guides people to overcome difficult situations, piece lives back together and go on to find lasting fulfilment and wellbeing.

Breaking the Chain

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Government and community organisations

Workplace Sponsor

I am a business decision maker and have an employee that needs some help. I am looking for outcomes for the person and the workplace.

  • Deeper unresolved issues that have been going on for some time
  • Extreme behaviour like bullying or the bottle!
  • Career crisis – an employee is struggling to find their direction
  • Stress and poor performance
  • Job overwhelm
  • The person’s is in a state and it is affecting work.

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Parents, schools and children

Small Business Owner

I am self-employed and am looking for some affordable support which affects both me and my working life.

  • Lost vision and a sense of purpose
  • Can’t see the path forward
  • Things are affecting my personal relationships
  • Dominant others are affecting my confidence
  • Start-up business where all of life is on the line
  • Business on a knife edge affecting me emotionally.

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Faith communities

Private Adult

I am an adult needing some help with life, relationships and/or work. I can afford an hourly rate based service.

  • I go to work but don’t feel fulfilled
  • I keep losing my job and can’t find my feet
  • I’ve lost touch with who I am and the work I am born to do
  • I have problems with relationships
  • I’ve lost energy and motivation
  • The family is dysfunctional or breaking down

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Private individuals

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  • Uses proven 'Growth Journey Coaching Methodology'
  • Agree a process involving one to ten sessions, either one-to-one or in a group
  • A relevant workbook is provided.
  • Money back guarantee

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