Role Performance Programmes

The Enrichyou Role Performance Programmes are designed to provide value adding development for individuals, whilst being delivered ‘little and often over time’. The programmes are all outcome focused with both commercial outcomes and learning outcomes as integral to the achievement of programme.

Each programme has three main stages:

Stage Onethe orientation session, where personal needs, role needs and organisational objectives are brought into an integrated focus for the programme. This is best conducted with the delegate, their line manager/director and internal sponsor.

Stage Two – is the monthly, one-to-one, typically half-day development sessions where individual development takes place in the context of day-to-day challenges and business needs and priorities. For a year long programme, mid-term review can take place.

Stage Three – is an end programme review of achievement between the delegate, coach, line leader and company sponsor. 

Learning material structure

Each delegate will receive a learning log that enables performance to be tracked on three levels:

1) Personal outcomes.

2) Learning outcomes - role/professional development.

3) Commercial outcomes - role/business development.

The coach-trainer will use the Enrichyou Performance Development Toolkit with the 144 toolkits as part of the programme. There is the option for delegates to subscribe to the use of the toolkits which are part of the Enrichyou Online Academy offer. 

Choose from two main areas of role performance programme:

1. Role performance for leaders and directors

One of the things that make these programmes particularly successful is the fact that Enrichyou comprises development professionals from a range of backgrounds and with a range of specialities. That is important because several types of expertise may be required to facilitate high-level learning.

Each role performance process starts with Enrichyou listening to the needs of the individual and shortlisting one or two performance coaches. The delegate can then meet with the coaches and make a choice about who they feel is best able to assist them to grow. The joint decision about who will be involved will depend on three major variables:

  • The level of leadership role. We can make sure that the role performance coach has delivered successfully at the level of role themselves, bringing them the capacity to mentor as well as coach and counsel.
  • The degree of balance between leadership ‘archetypes’. If there is a particular need for the delegate to develop one of these archetypes (analytical skills, generating ideas and leading others) then this may determine the best person to assist in role performance development.
  • The degree of challenge. In an extreme situation where the delegate is especially stressed, the performance coach may need a particular skill set and experience in similar situations.

2. Role performance for development professionals

Professional trainers and developers often lack the commercial experience, broader understanding and role relevance to deliver high efficacy development. They know how to get the best out of others - but they sometimes lack the corporate knowledge required, and the influence to be able to argue for the resources to do the development role properly.

Our response to this challenge is specialist role performance for development professionals. This is focused on helping development professionals (especially senior managers and directors) to put in place three major strategic components essential for any company-wide development function:

  • Develop the line leadership to be able to deliver performance coaching for their staff.
  • Have a management development role formation stairway as a permanent fixture in the annual budget.
  • Have an organisational development vision and strategy understood and agreed at board level.

Outline of Offers

  • One to One only
  • Role formation and performance for directors and leaders
  • Role formation for Development Professionals


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