Organisational Development Programmes

Sustainable Growth Programmes

These programmes enable directors (or equivalent senior team members) to aim for the best - in directorship and in being part of a sustainable and excellent business. They are designed to help you see the whole perspective and make judgements with ease that lead to sustainable growth.

Organisational Development ProgrammesRead all about the real running and outcomes of these programmes by downloading and reading the case studies in Creating a Circle of Sustainability.

Choose from four development opportunities:

Introductory Sustainable Growth Process

This initial intervention typically involves two one-to-one sessions with each director and a facilitated group session with the board as a whole. It unlocks the individual, senior team and business issues that are both the strengths and blockers of sustainable progress.

In the facilitated group session the truth of the situation is illuminated and clears the path to address any issues at the level that will bring sustainability to the board and/or business. This initial part of the process usually costs £500-£1,500 per director involved, depending on the duration of the various sessions and the nature of the issues and desired outcomes.

Sustainable Vision Programme

One thing that is almost certain to kill a business is a board without a believable vision that is understood across the organisation. This programme addresses this need by taking the board to a place of collective unity to create vision in which everyone can believe.

It’s the first step for a business that is struggling or at risk and begins by scoping outcomes specific to your situation and needs. These outcomes vary from place to place, but typically they will focus on director performance, collective visioning, director team work and a greater accountability for the directors’ direct reports.

Content highlights include:

  • The individual director. The director’s role, personal performance, intention and purpose, but aligned to the need for board unity.
  • The top team. Uniting directors through self-awareness and awareness of others, with a focus on the business intention.
  • The business. Creation of a sustainable future vision, communication document and engagement process.

Sustainable Strategy Programme

This programme moves the board to a place of defining the strategy and structure of the business, guiding them to create a business fit for operational and strategic purpose. It’s a natural follow-on from our Organisation Vision Programme but can also work for organisations who feel they have the vision but lack the means and direction to achieve it.

The programme begins by scoping outcomes, typically focusing on enabling the directors to create a viable future business model, a coordinated plan for change and clarity on what resources (including people and development needs) are necessary to achieve it.

Content highlights include:

  • Business strategy and structure. The definition of the legal entity form, function, business model and KPIs needed to run a sustainable business.
  • Business role definition. Definition of the roles required, a gap analysis between current personnel and what’s required, and a look at change management issues.
  • Immediate priorities. Setting the business priorities, objectives and accountabilities, along with the change management agenda.

Sustainable Business Programme

This is a longer-term programme where the directors bring their aspiration for a sustainable business and Enrichyou bring a process, methodology and expertise to then enable the directors to achieve sustainable growth.

The programme creates the right environment for stability, expansion, higher defined margin/profitability, innovation and entrepreneurship, talent retention and succession.

Content highlights include:

  • The foundations. The business DNA and raison d’être, board unity, board strategy, business structure, business model, business performance, quick wins and self management.
  • The transition. Strategic priorities, decision making processes and judgements, leadership, director performance, new initiatives, new behaviours, designing the change programme.
  • New performance. Coaching skills, management of the change, organisational change, collective leadership, defining sustainable excellence, processes and behaviours for maintaining a sustainable growth path.

Outline of Offers

  • Introductory Sustainable Growth
  • Sustainable Vision
  • Sustainable Strategy
  • Sustainable Business


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