About Us


Founded in 2001 by managing director and lead consultant, Richard Uglow, Enrichyou was formed with the specific purpose of helping companies achieve long-term trading and economic stability, by choosing the most appropriate and evolving form of Management Training & Leadership Development available to their business. Our team of expert consultants and associates work with organisations across the UK; and have also delivered our consultancy and training programmes as far and wide as the United States and Asia.

Enabling Sustainable Performance

We believe that the current agenda around business sustainability is far too focused on environmental issues alone, with not enough focus on the wider issues of sustainable economic thinking, good business culture and sustainable management practices. We have continually argued that the current system of business and commerce allows for the worst of capitalist thinking and management behaviours to show their unsustainable faces, i.e. make as much money today regardless of the consequences of short-term staff turnover, morale and wellbeing, or to long-term business outcomes…. resulting in the ongoing cycle of boom and bust that continually blights our economy, our communities and our environment. There is a better way….

Over 20 years of transformational business outcomes

In conversations with the big four management consultancies and leading venture capital houses, we are regularly told that they would ‘give their right arm’ for a track record like ours. The reality is that these large practices are simply not equipped to enable such lasting and transformational outcomes, and don’t understand how we do what we do.

Without giving away our trade secrets, the methodology is simple: focus on developing resilient and sustainable businesses through an excellent management and leadership culture, whilst instilling the virtues of personal integrity and wholesale wellbeing across the organisation.

Our ‘enabling’ interventions promise to leave lasting improvement and positive change in the people and the business. We offer your management and leadership team the opportunity to become the very best of human resourcefulness and to achieve truly sustainable business outcomes – both now and into the future.

Outcome Guarantee

Every Enrichyou training programme and consultancy intervention is designed to add sustainable economic value at every stage and comes with a 100% money-back guarantee on all client-agreed outcomes. Ask for details.

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