Business Growth

Navigating Sustainable Business Growth


Resourcing your management team with the resilience and skills to manage strategic growth along with day-to-day trading is vital. If you are at the “we plan to double in size” stage in your business, then now is the perfect time to speak with Enrichyou.


Learning how to assure the value-chain (working back from the customer) and staying ahead of the competition is core to ongoing business sustainability. Speak with Enrichyou about how we can help you inspire new product and service innovation in everyone.


Our Sustainable Business Management System (SBMS) has been designed to offer your business a roadmap and framework for ongoing commercial sustainability and to avoiding the cycles of boom and bust that can negatively affect the stability of many businesses.

“No matter how competitive the market, there is always room for the best”

Whether you are a growing SME or trading division of a larger organisation, owners, directors and those in day-to-day management positions need a complex blend of skills, behaviours and confidence to face the challenges of growing a commercial enterprise in the 21st century.

Designed specifically for entities experiencing business growth along with an evolving management and leadership team, we will support the business through a process of development for sustainable business growth – in which the design and implementation of objectives for business improvement and team development falls out of the learning process. We often describe this as ‘running rugby’… energetic, active, agile, evolving, learn as you go… during which, identifying the next stage of the business growth journey and business era can be understood, prepared for and lived by all.

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