Director/Board-level Development

Director-level Development: Sustainable Business Leadership

CEO’s, MD’s &

  • Individual CEO/MDs, Business owners and Heir-apparents
  • Director Of A Sustainable Business development programmes
  • Group company or single entity business support


  • Board-level formation programmes
  • As individuals or part of Senior Leadership Team development
  • Sustainable Business Management
  • Board mediation & facilitation


  • Trustees, Chairman or Legal Directors, as individuals or as a group
  • Constitutional clarity & governance
  • Systems, policies & procedures
  • Decision-making & organisation-wide accountability

“Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today without impairing the resources needed for tomorrow”

Fundamental development, formalisation and enhanced competencies for anyone required to operate at board-level; to be able to run their part of the business function with director-level integrity and lead their organisation in a commercially sustainable way. Regardless of commercial pressures and shareholder value, the board of directors ultimately need to decide what type of company they want to run. So often in business, we see the plumbline of integrity ignored for short-term gain – with the resulting consequence of higher long-term cost and loss of brand reputation.

Our executive education and executive development programmes help each person in a leadership or board-level role to understand the principles of economic sustainability – which is about avoiding the pitfalls of short-term thinking, and then learning how to manage and direct every aspect of the organisation with joined-up, long-term, sustainable intent. Download a brochure or get in touch for more information.