The Business Academy
Discovery Webinar

(1-hour Webinar)

The Business Academy
Discovery Webinar

(1-hour Webinar)


22nd Mar 2024
(11.00am to Midday)

WEBINAR: How To Develop Your Directors & Senior Leadership Team To Successfully Run Sustainable Businesses That Can Remain Independent And Grow Into The Long-term

For SME Business-owners, MDs & Senior HR Decision-makers wanting to access the very best of director/senior-leadership development for their business – including development for heir-apparent and new-to-role senior leaders and/or board members.

Come to an informed choice about accessing market-leading, value-adding, senior-level development designed for those running private/independent businesses and autonomous business units – where assuring customer excellence and long-term economic sustainability is a fundamental purpose of its leadership function.

This insightful webinar is delivered by the Enrichyou Business Academy, which has been developing directors and senior leaders in the SME market for over 20 years and will help you to understand and navigate the tailored senior leadership development options available outside of the formal/corporate-attended business courses offered by the likes of Cranfield, Henley and other University Business Schools.

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Highlights Of The Webinar:

  • Directors & Senior-leaders are responsible and accountable for the whole business… basic business health, operating performance, improvement, change & growth, and economic sustainability are the result of a complex series of judgements and decisions. Why would anyone take up such decision-making responsibilities without choosing the right kind of senior-level training & development needed to assure positive outcomes for their business?

  • High Efficacy Development… understand the what, when, where and how of what it takes for a career as a senior leader in a sustainable business, in terms of senior-level business skills, director/board-level duties & legal/moral responsibilities; and the ongoing learning & development required to perform and excel in the era ahead.

  • Sustainable Business Leadership… discover the subtle (but undeniable) differences between running a business under an ethos of economic sustainability Vs. running a business for purely financial gain. Make sure you chose to develop your leaders in line with the culture, approach and sustainable attitudes that you want to thrive in your business or workplace.

  • Natural Learning & Authentic Leadership… come away with an understanding of the ‘three archetypes of leadership’ which are present in each person and need to be conscious and functioning in a rounded way in order to lead with integrity. Confirm that you have these fully working in your business, or identify an opportunity to improve your leadership capability using the ‘three archetypes’ model.

  • Leaders Develop Leaders… learn the approach to leadership and management that offers the most effective, career-long style that achieves results, unity of human groups and creates natural succession behind us; perfect and necessary for independent and sustainable businesses.

  • Common-interest Economics… whether a Private/Ltd business, Partnership, Employee-owned or Charitable Trust, come to understand why Enrichyou-trained directors and senior leaders are better equipped to lead in business situations where independent ownership and sustainable business management are needed to assure the future.


What Our Clients Say…

“This isn’t what they teach you at business school.”

“This has changed my approach to business leadership completely!”

“Game changing….”


The Enrichyou Difference

This webinar is designed to inspire, motivate and educate in equal measure. Since 2001, Enrichyou has helped businesses of all sizes onto profitable and sustainable growth paths and delivered over £350 Million of client recorded added value, with a 100% record on client requested outcomes. 100s of directors and leaders have been developed to deliver sustainable economic value, along with 1000s of managers transformed into leaders and helped to assure long-term commercial success for their organisation.

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