Individual Career-level

Individual Career-level


20th Jun 2022
3.00pm (60 mins)

WEBINAR: Career-level Development… From Functional Leader To Business Leader With Functional Responsibility

This discovery webinar is for career-minded Senior Managers and individual Business Leaders wanting to explore the very best of one-to-one, career-level Leadership & Management Development programmes; with learning delivered in a personally tailored way.

This inspirational event is designed to help potential delegates and decision-makers to conveniently discover the depth, range and content of our market-leading and value-adding one-to-one development programmes and come to a place of informed choice about their own level of career-stage development need, or that of other individuals in their organisation. All programmes are delivered by the Enrichyou Business Academy, which has been developing business leaders for over 20 years.

Webinar Cost: FREE


Highlights Of The Webinar:

  • High Efficacy Development For Every Stage Of Career-level Learning As A Professional Manager & Business Leader…  Discover the key fundamentals of why and what really needs to be learned during each stage of a professional management and business leadership career, in terms of Career-level learning, Role-level development and Core-skills required to perform and excel through every phase of your development as a manager and business leader – regardless of your current level or role.

  • Sustainable Business Leadership…. Understand the crucial differences in ethos, approach and strategy to running a business or function for ongoing short-term targets and unsustainable gains – as opposed to running it for long-term, sustainable economic performance. Learn how to align your natural approach to leadership with your preferred style of leadership learning, in order to enhance and develop the culture of effectiveness you want to instil across your business, team or workplace.

  • The Leadership Development Stairway…. Explore the four key levels of leadership development that anyone wanting to operate at middle or senior-level in any organisation will need to master in order to be successful throughout their career as a professional manager and leader. Find out about the natural order and pace of development that is either misunderstood or ignored in the standard, academic approach to management development and business leadership learning.

  • Common-purpose Economics…. Whether you are a L&D decision-maker, an existing Business Leader, or an Individual manager looking to add career-long skills; take away the tools and simple vision of the way in which all parts of an organisation can be joined-up in ‘common-purpose’ vision and economics – and use this tool as a way to improve your own levels of communication, inclusivity and leadership thinking as a direct result of the webinar.

  • Natural Learning & Leadership…. Come away with an understanding of the three leadership archetypes that are present in each person and how they each need to be functioning in a rounded and balanced way to be able to lead with genuine authenticity and integrity. Recognise the weighting of your own leadership style across different situations and identify opportunities to quickly improve your leadership capacity and capability through this simple understanding.

  • Leaders Develop Leaders…. Learn about the most cost-effective and timeless approach to professional management and leadership that has proven to achieve commercially sustainable results and bring unity across businesses and teams of all sizes. Then, using this methodology, find out how to create natural succession behind you on your career-long journey of success as a professional manager and leader.


  • Q&A…. Ask our advice and draw on our experience of real-life case studies from 20+ years of pioneering world-class management and leadership development techniques across all levels of business leadership.

  • FREE REPORT…. make an informed choice about booking a free one-to-one follow-up discussion about our range of easily accessible leadership & management development programmes and receive a FREE copy of our 18-page business leadership report ‘Breaking The Chain Of Business Unsustainability’.


What Our Clients’ Say….

“This isn’t what they teach you at business school”

“My development has taken us to world-class levels of performance….”

“It’s like a practical, hands-on MBA”


The Enrichyou Difference

Our development programmes are designed to inspire, motivate and educate – in equal measure – to bring long lasting top-line and bottom-line financial improvements, and help you assure long-term commercial success for your organisation! Since 2001, Enrichyou has helped businesses of all sizes onto profitable and sustainable growth paths and delivered over £350 Million of client recorded added value, with a 100% record on client requested outcomes. 100s of directors and leaders have been developed to deliver sustainable economic value, along with 1000s of managers transformed into leaders with lasting skills and renewed commercial awareness.

It is from this history and combined commercial know-how that the Enrichyou team aim to transform the way we do business into one founded on principles of integrity and long-term sustainability. Their experience and vision is utterly unique and pioneering.



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