Management Excellence

Management Excellence


17th Sep 2020
8.30am (Full Day)

Future Business Centre
London Road

Develop the management skills to assure outcomes; and run each function proactively – backed with evidence of high-performance and continuous improvement in role and responsibility – Limited to just 6 places!

This certificated skills-based workshop is for those managing a role or business function who want to be the best of their profession. Professional managers must learn to deliver ‘on top of role’ outcomes for themselves and across their functional responsibility; and learn to thrive in a commercial environment which can have infinite day-to-day variables.

For the individual… the focus of this workshop is on the principles of running your part of the business system, through managing inputs and outputs and by optimal use of resources across the process, team or function that a manager is responsible for. This workshop will equip each delegate with the knowledge and a repeatable approach to any level of management role; and instil a proactive mindset of ‘management excellence’. We’ll be cramming the day with insight and best practice that will inform the way you think about the role of management at the right level for the organisation you serve.

For the business… this workshop will enable the highest calibre of business management to operate with integrity and with the aim of running the role/function as ‘best in industry’ in a long-term sustainable way. Each delegate will learn the skills and knowledge to redefine the true purpose of their management role, with the quest for improved performance across the team and with a continuous improvement project that they can deliver as part of learning implementation when back in the organisation.

SPECIAL OFFER: £425 + VAT (Normally £495 +VAT)

(Offer ends 31st August 2020)


Outcomes and benefits from the Workshop:

We will be covering 14 different elements of the approach to Management Excellence. In summary each delegate will come away with…

  • A definition of the key criteria & management skills that enable a manager to deliver excellence from being ‘on top of role’.
  • An understanding of the scope and reference points within which anyone’s management role sits in the bigger business and economic system (the value-chain). This will be made real and practical by drawing out your own ‘systemic’ role responsibilities during the workshop.
  • Using our ‘Lean-process’ Toolkit, you will define what high performance looks like for your role and work out the risks, constraints and dynamics which have the greatest impact and effect on the outcomes and achievement of your responsibilities.
  • Using the ‘Root Cause’ and ‘90-day Vision’ Toolkits, you will create ‘a future view’ which is compelling and engaging to proactively involve others working with and alongside you.
  • Using the ‘Continuous Improvement’ Toolkit you will pick an issue or opportunity from which to identify and define optimal improvement to a part of your business service and process responsibilities.
  • Using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you will learn to paint pictures in numbers that measure value-gain/value-loss, activity, outcomes and improvement paths which inform critical decision-making from your role.
  • Delegates will learn how to use our universal four-step approach to management, and how to integrate it into the core of a strategy and style for consistently delivering ‘the best of management’ performance.
  • You will understand how the three primary tenets of professional management (Management, Leadership and Coaching), fit together and in what context the balance of your role changes relative to the situation and reality that is in front of you each day.


The shape and timing of the day:

08.30 – Registration, tea/coffee

09.00 – SESSION ONE: Management Excellence

  • The Role Of A Manager: A definition of the key criteria & management skills that enable any manager to deliver excellence from being ‘on top of role’
  • The Purpose Of Management: Understand the scope and reference points within which anyone’s management role sits in the bigger business and economic system (the value-chain)

10.15 – Break, tea/coffee

10.30 – SESSION TWO: Management Of Roles & Processes

  • Optimise functional roles and processes using the lean-performance tool
  • Test your lean-performance for the risks, constraints and dynamics which will have the greatest impact and effect on outcomes and achievements of your functional responsibility

11.30 – Break, tea/coffee

11.45 – SESSION THREE: Managing Resources For ‘On Top Of Role’ Outcomes

  • Develop the required level of vision and proactivity needed to shape a wider understanding of your role and functional responsibilities, that will lead to better and more assured outcomes
  • Learn to adopt ‘root-cause’ thinking as a fundamental part of your approach to managing resources by using a simple selection of easy to apply methods and processes

12.45 – Lunch

13.30 – SESSION FOUR: Defining Excellence For Continuous Improvement

  • Use the ‘continuous improvement’ tool to work on a project, process or performance improvement issue
  • Learn to use the ‘continious coaching’ tool to change attitudes, mindsets and the quality of outcomes within your team and function

14.45 – Break, tea/coffee

15.00 – SESSION FIVE: Managing Performance With ‘Evidence of Best’

  • Define the KPIs that are critical to the understanding and management of your role and function
  • Create a dashboard that houses the KPIs in such a way that ‘at a glance’ anyone within the team can assess and communicate the reality of performance and progress

16.00 – Break, tea / coffee

16.15 – CLOSING SESSION: Summary and Integration

  • Pull your day together into a simple one-page learning summary
  • Summarise the learning and development insights, strategies and actions that you need to work on as part of stepping back into your role

17.00 – Close


What you get for your money:

  • A whole-day’s inspirational workshop summarising all that we have learned in helping people in organisations like yours over the past 15+ years. This isn’t what they teach you at business school!
  • The insight and tools to take back to your organisation that will enable you to instantly set about ‘transforming’ the level at which you are managing your function through you and your team.
  • Hot or cold buffet lunch.
  • A personal one-to-one follow-up coaching session to ensure the day’s learnings stick and are proving practical in ‘real-life’!
  • Certificate Of Attendance (CPD Value: 7 Points).
  • OUR GUARANTEE! If you are not completely satisfied that you can generate genuine additional value in your role by the end of the workshop, we’ll refund every penny!
  • SPECIAL OFFER: Just £425 + VAT (Normally £495 +VAT).
  • Offer ends 31st August 2020


Feedback from previous workshop attendees…

“Game changing”


“This is the best development day I have ever attended in all of my career”



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