Mastery In People
& Coaching Skills

(1-day Workshop)

Mastery In People
& Coaching Skills

(1-day Workshop)


24th Oct 2024
Thursday 24th October

Mastery In People & Coaching Skills Workshop…

Developing the people skills required to achieve high-performance ‘in the line’ and implement a collaborative culture across each attendee’s organisational sphere of influence

This 1-day skills development workshop will equip each manager or leader with the core fundamental coaching skills and repeatable approaches essential to managing any people situation; with a mindset of performance excellence and role accountability. This workshop will develop and instil the highest levels of people management skills with the aim of helping each manager to be on-top-of-role and run their business function as ‘market leading’ with long-term sustainable intent. Each delegate will learn the best-practice and approaches required to influence a coaching-led culture and come away with the fundamental skills to implement positive change within their team.

£595pp + VAT per person

Prices on application (min 6 delegates)




What is covered?

  • Building Trust & Rapport (High Engagement)
  • Responsibilities & Authorities (High Empowerment)
  • Coaching Vs. Mentoring (High Enablement)
  • Accountabilities & Performance (High Expectation)

What this development workshop will enable you to do

  • Understand the key coaching criteria and essential management skills that will enable you to approach all people situations in the right way
  • Learn to develop your own coaching style in order to approach your people management role in an effective and authentic way
  • Learn about the ‘virtue & vice’ elements of human behaviour and how to manage-out signs of mistrust, conflict, chaos or performance inertia
  • Understand the range of working cultures that exist and the sensitivity required when approaching people across all management situations
  • Unlock renewed performance, growth and achievement across your whole team
  • Confidently practice your new skills, insights and actions on the day before stepping back into your role

Who should attend?

  • All managers and leaders, plus anyone required to manage and supervise people or teams; to learn best-practice in people management skills and develop a coaching-style approach to their role
  • New managers and supervisors, or anyone in a team leadership and/or project management role
  • Middle/Senior managers wanting to develop a more proactive and collaborative culture across the business and phase out any reactive
    management or silo thinking within their team
  • Senior managers & leaders who recognise and want to move away from an autocratic approach, to learning how to enable and trust others to perform effectively

Outcome Guarantee

All Academy programmes are backed by our 100% Money-back Guarantee on both learning outcomes and return-on-investment. After completing each stage of development, if the delegate is unable to confidently assimilate the learning in your organisation at a level that adds more value than the amount of investment, we will repeat the module free of charge or refund you the equivalent value.

Quotes & Testimonials

“This has turned my approach to management around completely!”

“Every manager should have this level of development.”

“Game changing…”

“I now know how to manage my people effectively!”

The Enrichyou Difference

Enrichyou Leadership Academy has been delivering individual career-level development for over 20 years. Like a ‘Sandhurst For Leaders’, we like to think of our Academy service as the business equivalent of officer training in the military. To that end, it is not just about knowledge and skills; it is also about developing the character and behaviours associated with good management & leadership – delivered in a style that will resource every business leader for the entirety of their working life.

Our workshops and development programmes are designed to equip managers and leaders with vocationally universal leadership skills that can be quickly translated into learned and repeatable behaviours back in the workplace. Our aim is to develop these managers and leaders to think and behave with integrity and long-term intent at the core. Our Academy programmes are distinct from our inhouse retained service, which is designed to develop organisation-wide leadership in a cultural context.


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