Sustainable Business Management

Sustainable Business Management


18th Jun 2020
Future Business Centre
London Road

Understand the blueprint for running an economically sustainable business and assess your own organisation against it using a universal plumbline of timeless business wisdom

Whether you’re the CEO/MD, or a member of the wider Leadership Team – an important aspect of your role as a leader is to leave your organisation or business function in a better state than when you arrived at it. Maximizing value is only one part of the sustainable business equation.

When we get the fundamentals right, every business deserves the chance to sustain, thrive and grow into the long term; and continue to thrive under future generations of leadership that may follow your tenure. When we get the fundamentals wrong, we can potentially end up with symptoms of continuous chaos, management conflict, staff/customer churn, poor performance, diminishing margins and creeping economic unsustainability. Just look at some of the household names that have recently gone under due to years (often decades) of poor practice. In our opinion, these businesses were not being run by leaders who even understood the core principles of business sustainability, let alone leading by them! There is a better way…

Running a business with sustainable economic principles at the core is very different from running a business for short-term performance and profit only. There are lines that should not be crossed and a proven set of ‘sustainable business principles’ which should be taught routinely in every university, business school and as part of every in-house management training course – but rarely are!

This seminar will provide you with a set of easy to use toolkits, along with a plethora of non-conventional (but timeless) business knowledge, wisdom and reframed thinking, that you will be able to apply relative to your own business situation and throughout the whole of your leadership career. Whether your organisation or business function is underperforming or already highly successful; whether it is being limited by the culture and competence of its management population, or simply looking to discover ‘the difference that will make the difference’ in assuring the road ahead for the long term – book your place(s) today to assure a seat at this highly insightful event.


Offer ends 31st May 2020 (Standard Price £995 + VAT)


Our Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied that you can generate genuine commercial value and drive new sustainable economic thinking across your organisation by the end of this seminar, we’ll refund every penny!



The Sustainable Business Management Framework

Conventional wisdom is often still about ‘maximising shareholder value’ as the primary aim of business. Whilst money and profits are a vital part of the mix, this seminar will enable you to view your business or business function through another lens; that the primary aim of running a business is to serve the evolving needs of the customer with a set of ‘value economics’ that enables the potential to thrive now and through all the ups and the downs of supply, demand and economic season. Money and profits are simply the lubrication and fuel for a sustainable business engine and are not the engine itself!

Our Sustainable Business Management Framework will provide you with the insight and tools to take back to your organisation, along with the confidence to instantly set about transforming the level at which you are doing business through you and your team.


The Seeds Of Corruption Lie Within

As business leaders we must all learn to understand and recognise the potential hidden symptoms and behaviours that can corrupt or corrode ‘the system’ as intended; and then teach others the wisdom of ‘integrity management’ as a core part of business ethos and decision-making processes across the whole organisation.

During this seminar we will bring you powerful case studies which shine a light on the lowest forms of management and leadership practices that can creep into businesses of every size – along with examples of the short, medium and long-term consequences to these organisations, their employees and local communities. Each session will begin with a short keynote presentation including real-life stories which highlight what we have witnessed, experienced and/or transformed over 20 years of work. Our aim is to impart to you the benefit of our experience and help you both assure your future and avoid the ‘invisible’.


Some of the long list of unsustainable symptoms we see in businesses include:

  • businesses bought or sold and saddled with debt from which they can never trade out of
  • managers continually managing for short-term performance and missing the potential for long-term commercial opportunity and value along the way
  • failure of leadership to stand up to the toxic game-playing and nonsense that often comes from bad managers, disruptive employees, or difficult customers
  • centralised management and systems which suck the life away from innovation, decision-making and motivation
  • failure to engage employees in their vocation and to unlock more than 30% of innate capacity of the people in the workforce
  • poor cultural practices that can manifest themselves as career-level self-interest and self-serving, rather than common interest that benefits all
  • family disputes and/or non-involved share ownership that can lead to business collapse or chaos
  • a failure to manage a competent, orderly and timely succession of leadership and/or ownership that assures the business future
  • failure to consider the ‘value-chain’ and put collaborative relationships at the heart of every customer experience
  • a corruption in the ‘fair value of exchange’ that enables the whole supply-chain to sustain, including your business as part of that supply-chain

In each session of this seminar you will have the chance to assess your observations, along with the realities in your working world against the plumb-line of timeless wisdom, integrity and sustainable business thinking.



The Seminar is made up of six core sessions in which we tee-up the essence of each of the Sustainable Business Management Framework’s areas for between 15-20 minutes. Then, in appropriate discussion groups, help you to engage with the core principles and models involved in each area to assess the relevance, importance and application to your organisational situation. We finish the day with an integration session that will enable you to understand the biggest picture and to gain an overall assessment of the levels of long-term sustainability and potential for missed commercial opportunity within your business or organisation.

08.30 – Registration and refreshments


  • Introduction: The Sustainable Business Management Framework


  • The 12 Main Reasons Why Businesses Fail To Succeed

10.30 – Break and refreshments


  • Engagement, Accountability and Esprit de corps

11.45 – Break and refreshments


  • How to deliver excellence and achieve fair value in exchange

13.00 – Lunch


  • Sustainable Business Model, Management, Mission & Purpose


  • People in charge of the system or a system in charge of the people?

15.30 – Break and refreshments


  • Passengers in an unsustainable economy or custodians of collective interest across the whole economic system?
  • Self-assessment of sustainable business thinking and management


  • ‘Tail’ Of Emerging Themes, Summary & Actions

17.00 – Close


What you get for your money:

  • A whole-day’s inspirational Seminar summarising all that we have learned in helping people in businesses like yours over the past 15+ years. This isn’t what they teach you at business school!
  • The insight and tools to take back to your business that will enable you to instantly set about ‘transforming’ the level at which you are doing business through you and your team.
  • Hot or cold buffet lunch.
  • OUR GUARANTEE! If you are not 100% satisfied that you can generate genuine commercial value and drive new sustainable business thinking in your organisation by the end of this seminar, we’ll refund every penny!
  • EARLYBIRD PRICE: Just £695 + VAT
  • Offer ends 31st May (Standard Price £995 + VAT)


The Enrichyou Difference

Our series of events are designed to inspire, motivate and educate – in equal measure – to bring long lasting top-line and bottom-line financial improvements, and help you assure long-term commercial success for your organisation! Since 2001, Enrichyou has helped businesses of all sizes onto profitable and sustainable growth paths and delivered over £350 Million of client recorded added value, with a 100% record on client requested outcomes. 100s of directors and leaders have been developed to deliver sustainable economic value, along with 1000s of managers transformed into leaders.

It is from this history and combined commercial know-how that the Enrichyou team aim to transform the way we do business into one founded on principles of integrity and long-term sustainability. Their experience and vision is utterly unique and pioneering.

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What Our Clients Say

“This isn’t what they teach you at business school”

“My development has taken us to world-class levels of performance”

“We had tried everything else and then Enrichyou came along”




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