Sustainable Governance
and Business Integrity

Sustainable Governance
and Business Integrity


15th Jul 2022
11.00am (60 mins)

WEBINAR: How to achieve long-term economic sustainability for your organisation without losing independent ownership & control

For Owner/MD’s & Chairmen of independently-owned businesses, plus Chairmen, Trustees & CEOs of employee-owned or membership-based businesses…

…a professional insight into the four levels of commercial integrity required to ensure your organisation is fit for an independent and economically sustainable future; and how to avoid the pitfalls of ‘bad capitalism’ in the new economy!

Webinar Cost: FREE


Highlights Of The Webinar:

  • Custodianship Vs. Ownership. Understand the difference between society-service and self-service in designing and laying down the foundations of a sustainable economic business

  • Sustainable Economics. Explore the differences between the style and consequences of a typical corporate/capitalist approach to business versus that of a commercially sustainable approach. Understand what these differences mean for your business or organisation in the short, medium and long-term

  • Integrity Governance. Examine the unity needed between the three core groups of business stakeholders for the conditions of long-term economic sustainability and success to exist

  • Sustainable Business Thinking. Understand the relevance and need for an easy-to-follow ‘Sustainable Business Framework’ through which all people in an organisation can start to think and act with long-term sustainable intent and improved performance

  • Business & Organisational Raison d’etre. Discover the importance of raison d’etre for the alignment of vocational purpose and harnessing professional integrity throughout the enterprise

  • Navigating Growth Through Each Business Era. Gain perspective about the critical elements of maintaining sustainable growth and how organisational governance needs to adapt and change to enable innovation and development to thrive through different eras of business

  • Organisation-wide Leadership. Explore the proven strategic approach to management and leadership development that engages and maintains leadership integrity across the whole organisation – particularly through phases of change and growth

  • Integrity Management Systems. Understand the sustainable framework upon which any organisation can build and evolve policies, processes and procedures that can be accessed, understood and easily used ‘organisation-wide’ by everyone as a ‘living system’ and ‘modus operandi’ of governance

  • Take stock of your own approach to ownership, business integrity and governance. Understand your current business ‘era’ and discretely calibrate the effectiveness and destination of your own organisation throughout each section of the webinar, in the context of the elements missing for a sustainable future


  • Q&A… Ask our advice and draw on our experience of real-life case studies from 20+ years of pioneering consultancy and world-class management & leadership development across organisations of all shapes and sizes

  • FREE REPORT… make an informed choice about booking a virtual discovery-call and receive a FREE Board-level Report on the 12 major pitfalls of why organisations fail to sustain into the long-term


What Our Clients Say…

“We have created millions of pounds in shareholder value, along with improvements across other key performance indicator measures on management performance”

“Our development has taken us to world-class levels of performance…”

“This isn’t what they teach you at business school”


The Enrichyou Difference

Our development programmes are designed to inspire, motivate and educate – in equal measure – to bring long lasting top-line and bottom-line financial improvements, and help you assure long-term commercial success for your organisation! Since 2001, Enrichyou has helped businesses of all sizes onto profitable and sustainable growth paths and delivered over £350 Million of client recorded added value, with a 100% record on client requested outcomes. 100s of directors and leaders have been developed to deliver sustainable economic value, along with 1000s of managers transformed into leaders with lasting skills and renewed commercial awareness.

It is from this history and combined commercial know-how that the Enrichyou team aim to transform the way we do business into one founded on principles of integrity and long-term sustainability. Their experience and vision is utterly unique and pioneering.

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