The Effective
Skills Workshop)

The Effective
Skills Workshop)


18th Jan 2024
Thursday 18th January

25th Jan 2024
Thursday 25th January

The Effective Manager Workshop

Unlocking the foundational skills required as a professional manager, or as a gateway to instilling best-practice skills, attitudes and behaviours as a new manager.

If we can’t manage ourselves, then we can’t manage anything with any credibility or effectiveness. This 1-day foundational workshop unlocks and forms a person for their role and for an ongoing career in management. The ability to find purpose, sift in priorities and sift out distraction is the starting point of fulfilment, wellbeing and management effectiveness. This workshop will also help to manage out any stress, overwhelm and aimless effort; and promote a purpose-led & effective approach to any management role.

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£595pp £475pp + VAT per person

Prices on application (min 6 delegates)



What is covered?

  • Management Of Self, Time & Work/Life Balance
  • Role Purpose, Vision & Objective Setting
  • On-Top-Of-Role Definitions
  • Prioritisation, Planning & Performance

What this development workshop will enable you to do

  • To engage with your management role and career in a fully effective and authentic way
  • To be able to embed the core techniques and disciplines of time management into your approach
  • To be able to set aims and objectives leading to achieving highest-priority outcomes and to high standards of performance
  • To understand ‘big picture’ thinking and be able to follow a ‘visioning process’ to manage ‘present-future’ outcomes
  • Learn the importance of communicating effectively by involving and making agreements within your team and line-management
  • Carry out your role as part of a collaborative body of management, so that you don’t end up isolated or in a functional silo
  • Understand the process of management decision-making, planning, organising individual/collective effort, and managing tasks that lead to collective high-performance
  • Use the workbooks and tools provided to prioritise tasks and manage outcomes

Who should attend?

  • New-To-Role & Early-career Managers who need to learn management best-practice and career-long foundational skills
  • Middle/Senior-managers & Team Leaders who need to update and develop their management skills as part of their ongoing professional development
  • Established Managers without any formal management training, who need to professionalise their role
  • Struggling Managers where their style & approach is potentially affecting team morale, performance and/or causing staff-churn

Outcome Guarantee

All Academy programmes are backed by our 100% Money-back Guarantee on both learning outcomes and return-on-investment. After completing each stage of development, if the delegate is unable to confidently assimilate the learning in your organisation at a level that adds more value than the amount of investment, we will repeat the module free of charge or refund you the equivalent value.

Quotes & Testimonials

“I now know how to approach my job effectively!”


“Every manager should have this level of development!”

The Enrichyou Difference

Enrichyou Leadership Academy has been delivering individual career-level development for over 20 years. Like a ‘Sandhurst For Leaders’, we like to think of our Academy service as the business equivalent of officer training in the military. To that end, it is not just about knowledge and skills; it is also about developing the character and behaviours associated with good management & leadership – delivered in a style that will resource every business leader for the entirety of their working life.

Our workshops and development programmes are designed to equip managers and leaders with vocationally universal leadership skills that can be quickly translated into learned and repeatable behaviours back in the workplace. Our aim is to develop these managers and leaders to think and behave with integrity and long-term intent at the core. Our Academy programmes are distinct from our inhouse retained service, which is designed to develop organisation-wide leadership in a cultural context.



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