Transformational HR

Transformational HR


21st Oct 2020
8.30am (Full Day)

Future Business Centre
London Road

How to bring organisation-wide leadership to the heart of business strategy and realise the potential of everyone – Limited to just 6 places!

This one-day masterclass is for those with ultimate HR or L&D responsibility in their organisation; and promises to be one of the fullest and most valuable days you’ll ever spend.

We’ll be cramming the day with insightful and practical solutions that will change the way you think about the role of HR and show you how to demonstrates new commercial value to the organisation at board level. If you are frustrated with the reality of trying to steer your current ‘leadership strategy’ into one that brings the organisation ‘to life’ and truly supports the business through the very best of human resourcefulness and endeavour, then this unique and inspirational masterclass is for you!

EARLYBIRD OFFER: Just £695 + VAT (Normally £995 + VAT).

Offer ends 30th September 2020


Outcomes and benefits from the Masterclass:

Come away with…

  • the universal truth that binds all people with their workplace. Either the business herds disengaged people, or engaged and fulfilled people bring the business to life and commercial success.
  • an understanding of the underlying symptoms and root causes of underperformance, disengagement, loss of unity and lost potential value, due to business form and function. Create a draft ‘root cause assessment’ of the gaps in organisational leadership/dynamics/relationships and outline a recovery plan.
  • a clear definition of the evolving levels of leadership needed in your organisation.
  • the ability to understand and implement a straight-forward approach to leadership development that can be applied across the organisation culturally.
  • learn how to engage all employees to be the best of human endeavour and fit for purpose within their role and working environment.
  • become the cornerstone of leadership and management transformation by connecting people with the nature of the business, its commercial sustainability model, and the ‘how to’ of unlocking wholeness and wellbeing throughout the workplace.
  • create an overall outline for a new level of vision, along with the strategic solution needed to match your assessment of the issues that need transformation.
  • clarity within your own role about the level of intention, vision, purpose, strategy, business planning and commitment required to bring real transformation to the heart of business strategy.
  • create a draft business case that can be presented at board-level and help assure future development budget by demonstrating value-add at every stage.


We will also cover…

  • The 10 fundamental elements of business sustainability and organisational leadership, called the Sustainable Business Management System™ (SBMS)


In more detail:

Woven into the day and using an inspirational selection of real-life experiences, we will show you the proven methodology of bringing organisation-wide leadership to life and include the following elements:

  • Being ‘me’ – why people need to see work as a vocation not just a job
  • The product pays the wages – why Henry Ford’s wisdom remains timeless
  • Health leads to wealth – why organisations must be designed for people, not functions and why promoting wellbeing in the workplace is critical to achieving business success
  • People in partnership – how to unlock the best of human resourcefulness through collaborative working
  • Unity decision making – why making progress at the pace of agreement is vital
  • Integrity culture – why integrity and transparency must be modelled ‘top down’ in every organisation
  • Enabling leadership – developing managers into leaders and why the leaders of today must create leaders of the future
  • Responsibility – start at the recruitment stage to stop your employees from defaulting to dependency, and enable them to get ‘on top of role’ as part of their career progress and your business succession planning
  • Value-adding roles – why all people must be able to calculate their business value and economic impact
  • Being the best – why nobody can be the best without training to be the best
  • A living vision and strategy – the spirit and law of what joins everyone together in the workplace with the common purpose of serving the customer
  • Proactivity and assured outcomes – how to assure business outcomes by developing every employee to ‘own’ their role
  • Doing it – how to create an environment in which people work in a joined-up reality based on full engagement and agreement


The shape and timing of the day:

08.30 – Registration and refreshments

09.00INTRODUCTION: The Three Entities that make up every business

09.30SESSION ONE: Understanding the nature of your business as a brand, by its DNA and in a way that delivers and measures excellence to customers from across the whole organisation

10.45 – Break and refreshments

11.00SESSION TWO: The approach and tools needed for the HR/L&D function to act as the facilitators and enablers of all stakeholder relationships and deliver cultural transformation in the workplace

13.00 – Lunch

13.30SESSION THREE: Creating a vision, strategy and commercial business case for organisation-wide leadership to present at board-level

14.45 – Break and refreshments

15.00SESSION FOUR: Enabling Leadership – from being accountable and on top of your own role, to bringing about transformational change and enabling a culture of organisation-wide leadership

16.30CLOSING SESSION: Summary and Actions

We’ll wrap up the day by looking at your immediate leadership issues and how you can use the day’s learnings to get you and/or your team to start implementing an organisation-wide leadership strategy with immediate and positive commercial and cultural impact.

17.00 – Close


What you get for your money:

  • A whole-day’s inspirational masterclass summarising all that we have learned in helping businesses like yours over the past 15+ years.  This isn’t what they teach you at business school!
  • The insight and tools to take back to your organisation that will enable you to instantly set about ‘transforming’ the level at which you are managing organisational leadership through you and your team.
  • A personal one-to-one follow-up coaching/consultancy to ensure the day’s learnings stick and are proving practical in ‘real-life’!
  • Hot or cold buffet lunch.
  • OUR GUARANTEE!  If you are not completely satisfied that you can generate genuine additional value in your business by the end of the workshop, we’ll refund every penny!
  • EARLYBIRD OFFER: Just £695 + VAT (Normally £995 + VAT).
  • Offer ends 30th September 2020


Feedback from previous masterclass attendees…

“Game changing… the best development day I have ever attended in all of my career”

“Thank you… I know how to get buy-in from the CEO now”

“This approach will underpin our strategy for change”

“You need to go to this…”

“You’ll come away with a really robust toolkit to enable you to make fundamentally positive change”





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