Visionary Leadership

Visionary Leadership


23rd Apr 2020
Future Business Centre
London Road

The true purpose of leadership is to act as an ‘architect for the future’. Learn and develop the skills to create a brave new vision for ongoing business success from within your leadership role!

Leadership isn’t just about leading people. The central role of leadership is to be an architect for the future… to go the way and show the wayof excellence in everything you do! This certificated workshop is for anyone in a senior leadership/management role who has the ambition and capability to be a career-long change agent. It is for those who require the skills to bring functional and organisational excellence to the business; and add long-term commercial benefit across the whole value-chain.

The principles and approach to successfully leading through new ideas, improvements, projects, crisis plans or phases of long-term development have a universal and common thread. This workshop forms all delegates with the repeatable processes and skills that will support a life-long career as an exemplary and transformational leader. We’ll be cramming the day with insight and best practice that will inform the way you think about the role of leadership in the right way and at the right level for the organisation you are working in.

This one-day skills workshop is designed to enable the highest calibre of business leadership, to operate under the intention of integrity and with the aim of running each business and business-function as ‘market leading’ in a long-term, sustainable way. You will update your skills and knowledge to understand the natural patterns that underpin any successful leadership position.


Standard Price £495 + VAT (Offer ends 31st March 2020)


Outcomes and benefits from the Workshop:

Come away with…

  • An understanding of the part that leadership plays in the overall nature of a professional manager’s approach to their role.
  • An understanding of the risks and responsibilities that come with leadership. By the nature of choosing to be a leader, you will need courage and the ability to live in the unknown as you create your vision and lead others in the direction of a better future.
  • Come to understand the process of creation and how leaders align themselves to working with our human and universal nature. Learn to use the ‘Creation Process’ Toolkit as a means of accessing your own creativity for giving life to change, innovation and new projects.
  • Master the ‘Innovation Process’ Toolkit as the second major skill. This phase of leadership ensures that there is something practical and worthwhile with the discipline of tangible modelling and prototyping as part of leadership best practice.
  • Learn the significance of value-creation in creating sustainable business outcomes through the means of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Learn the three fundamental elements needed for shaping a business case to ensure that ‘your vision’ is articulated with completeness and in such a way as it receives permission and buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Learn the communication skills necessary to influence all stakeholders to buy into your vision of a better future. Learn to communicate with confidence the progress & situation reports that keep stakeholders involved and coupled-up with their commitment to see a vision or agreement through to a successful conclusion.


The shape and timing of the day:

08.30 – Registration, tea/coffee

09.00 – SESSION ONE: ‘Functional Leader’ to ‘Visionary Leader’

  • Understand ‘Visionary’ and ‘Transformational’ Leadership in the context of your whole role, including entity management and the management & development of people
  • Understand the risks and responsibilities of being a leader and how to manage the potentially never-ending stairway of leadership learning in ‘present/future’ and ‘real/ideal’ mindsets

10.15 – Break, tea/coffee

10.30 – SESSION TWO: Creative Leadership – Architect Of The Future

  • Explore the nature of leadership in the context of capacity and obligation to shape a better future
  • Work a real business or improvement idea through the ‘Creation Process’ Toolkit, as a way of adopting the timeless ability to seed new ideas and find answers where others cannot

11.30 – Break, tea/coffee

11.45 – SESSION THREE: Tangible, Practical & Relevant Innovation

  • Learn how to put value-creation at the core of your leadership style. Make it integral to business cases and to the long-term aspiration of sustainability
  • Work a real business issue through The Innovation Toolkit, in which a model or prototype is envisioned as the next step of manifesting a better future

12.45 – Lunch

13.30 – SESSION FOUR: Making A Case For Change

  • Learn how to include the three fundamental elements of ‘Vision, Change-process and Economics’ into a business case. Understand the creation of a business case as a way of convincing yourself to proceed in the first instance
  • Structure a business case to either shape an important issue or flesh-out when back in the business before going on to shape an important change

14.45 – Break, tea/coffee

15.00 – SESSION FIVE: All-round Stakeholder Buy-in

  • Understand the systemic nature of buy-in and how to approach key influencers at the right moment, right level and in the right way; and not lose the opportunity to maintain involvement.
  • Learn how to approach people up, down and across the business supply/value-chain to obtain involvement, commitment and ongoing movement at the necessary pace of change

16.00 – Break, tea / coffee

16.15 – CLOSING SESSION: Summary and Integration

  • Pull your day together into a simple one-page learning summary
  • Summarise any learning and development insights, strategies and actions that you need to work on as part of stepping back into your role

17.00 – Close


What you get for your money:

  • A whole-day’s inspirational workshop summarising all that we have learned in helping people in organisations like yours over the past 15+ years. This isn’t what they teach you at business school!
  • The insight and tools to take back to your organisation that will enable you to instantly set about ‘transforming’ the level at which you are doing business through you and your team.
  • Hot or cold buffet lunch
  • A personal one-to-one follow-up coaching session to ensure the day’s learnings stick and are proving practical in ‘real-life’!
  • Certificate Of Attendance (CPD Value: 7 Points).
  • OUR GUARANTEE! If you are not completely satisfied that you can generate genuine additional value in your role by the end of the workshop, we’ll refund every penny!
  • EARLYBIRD OFFER: Just £425 + VAT
  • Standard Price £495 + VAT (Offer ends 31st March 2020)


Feedback from previous workshop attendees…

“Game changing”


“The best development day I have attended in all of my career”

“This isn’t what they teach you at business school”



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