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Enrichyou UK:
Celebrating 20 Years Of Timeless Service!

Published: October 29, 2021

It was 20 years ago today that founder and MD, Richard Uglow, first traded as Enrichyou and set out as one of the early pioneers of business coaching in the UK… hard to believe now, as the then ‘very American’ concept of business coaching (and coaching in general) is now part of the mainstream for many businesses and business leaders today.

Whilst celebrating this significant milestone, our message today is not to bang the drum about what a great journey it’s been so far… we’ve had our successes and failures along the way like everyone else… but to quietly reflect and summarise our observations, then and now, in order to understand the timeless need we see within business and commerce in general.

The early years and first decade of trading saw Enrichyou unconsciously attracted by entities that were in difficulty; small business owners and managers struggling to survive – teams in larger corporate businesses struggling to function and perform – individuals dealing with the symptoms of burnout, stress and unwellness – and whole organisations needing to be ‘turned around’ at almost every level of need. After 10 years or so, it was the realisation that we were merely dealing with the symptoms of (what remains) the economic-wide experience of many businesses and the people in them, that led us to the conclusion that a more fundamental solution was needed!

Sticking plasters alone were no longer the solution… the era of Sustainable Business Management was born… and the timeless service of helping organisations to ‘Enable Sustainable Performance’ was launched!

Over the years we’ve seen many SME businesses fall victim to the Dutch maxim of ‘Clogs To Clogs In Three Generations’ – or where larger businesses got sold and consumed up the business food-chain to become part of an unsustainable debt-laden corporate monolith that eventually implodes. There had to be a better way. If a business or organisation intends to thrive into the long-term, the owners, directors and business managers need to understand the core DNA of their unique business offer to the world, see themselves as ‘custodians’ of their entity, and develop the vision and skills needed to run their organisation or function into the long-term without it running into the hazards of ‘unsustainable’!

Our core message of ‘Enabling Sustainable Performance’ is about helping businesses to take stock of their current reality and potentially unsustainable direction of travel; and to then help them navigate and solve any existing symptoms of unsustainability by developing the business and its managers (at all levels) to be fully accountable, responsible and ‘at choice’. Shareholders and stakeholders across the whole business ecosystem need to be ‘at choice’ in running their businesses ethically and sustainably into the long-term – in a place where ‘at choice’ they can remain independently owned or not – where ‘at choice’ a role, function or whole organisation can be handed over safely into a new era or generation of custodianship and in better shape than how it was found – and where ‘at choice’ long-term economic sustainability can be tracked, measured and designed into a future vision of commercial stability and success! Through a blended process of business consultancy, leadership development and management skills training, these are the areas where real value can be discovered and unlocked for those who choose it. This is the work we do today.

So as we embark on a journey into our third decade in business, it just leaves us to say a warm ‘thank you’ to all of our customers over the years for helping us piece together our own business jigsaw; and to the Enrichyou team (past and present) for helping us build and understand the sustainable ‘whole’ of our own timeless offer to the world.

Happy Birthday Enrichyou… here’s to the next 20 years!



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