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A Christmas Story:
Some Seasonal Reminders For Integrity In Leadership

Published: December 23, 2020

We have no Gold or Frankincense to offer you, but we can give you an imaginary smell of Myrrh (an ancient perfume!)…

Whatever religious background, town or city, home, family, workplace or attitudes we each come with, we hope that these parallels to some salient events of The Christmas Story will offend no-one and include everyone.

There was no room at the inn…. [Customer first]

  • Accommodate your customers….
  • Serve in an authentic way….
  • Find solutions when capacity is full….
  • Listen for the real need and go the extra mile….

Born in a stable…. [Vocations not jobs]

  • It isn’t the environment we are born into that defines the elevation and outcome of our lives and careers….
  • What matters is the act of engaging in the quality of life within us, and with the help of those around us….
  • After the humblest of births, all people are born with a vocation to find and fulfil….
  • Acceptance of ourselves and each other as individuals; and not judging where we have come from, or where we are going….

The Guiding Star…. [Integrity]

  • The guiding star (or light) that honours our individuality as a part of the whole….
  • The guiding star that is beyond us, yet connects us all together in one vision….
  • The guiding star that is above us, yet kneads us into a working family….
  • The guiding star that encourages us to offer our gift and fulfil each other’s needs….

The Three Wise Men…. [Doing the right thing]

  • Through natural recognition of innate value, they understood with honour and awe….
  • Through trusting the unknown, they followed the star to find their way….
  • Through free-will and choice they protected ‘the valuable thing’ and avoided danger….
  • Through integrity, these wise leaders chose to do the right thing….

May the Christmas Story be one of seasonal inspiration to you and all business leaders – each of us as part of the whole human family. Let the essence of Myrrh represent the smell of integrity pervading the corridors of our businesses and the clauses of our contracts; with each of us born holding the capacity and wisdom to lead with integrity in our own working lives and for the benefit of our customers.

From all of us at Enrichyou, may we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a healthy & prosperous New Year!



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