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COVID 19 – Open For Business

Published: March 17, 2020

The local and global impact of Coronavirus is proving to be a challenge for some of our customers who we continue to work closely with. For some businesses, the situation is all-consuming as they work to cope with high-demand or fall-off. For others, it is providing an opportunity to support management training and development whilst production and service demands are relatively low.

We want to reassure all our customers of our ability, approach and responsibility in delivering our services during this unprecedented time.

Face-to-face Development*

For those who have requested for us to continue delivering face-to-face development (group or 1-to-1), we are committed to maintaining high levels of hygiene and welfare, including frequent hand washing, the use of sanitizing gel throughout the day and the daily monitoring of wellness – both personally and within the family and communities we have contact with. We will endeavour to follow the 2-metres apart protocols. We are also armed with sanitizing wipes for surfaces we come in contact with and will continue to communicate with our customers frequently in the spirit of ‘mutual transparent responsibility’. We very much appreciate that you are taking the same steps with your employees – *although we expect the government may ask us to cease such face-to-face contact or apply additional H&S measures, if the coronavirus crisis escalates further.

Virtual Development

Group and 1-to-1 sessions can continue to be delivered using conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype, with practical materials being posted or emailed ahead of the session. Any uncompleted elements in this virtual approach can be picked up and completed at a later date. This approach can be particularly powerful in a 1-to-1 context – especially for anyone working from home who wants to start or continue a process of professional development and coaching.

Planning & Meeting

We are all hoping that the government’s handling of Covid-19 will allow the crisis to peak and pass in the coming months as we head into the summer. Whilst ‘people development’ is always seen as important, it is rarely seen as urgent. For those who are not all-consumed in the current crisis, we would urge you to continue planning for the autumn and into next year – in order to minimise the post-virus impact. We are always available to advise and to meet virtually to help with your planning, strategy and decision-making.


At the underlying level of what we do and why we do it… (the development of leaders and management teams to run sustainable businesses)… we are open for business as usual, with the necessary adjustments in place to manage through these challenging times.

Wishing everyone wellness and positivity.




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