Performance & Career-level Coaching

1-to-1 Professional Development & Coaching


Helping individuals to improve/restore role performance and professional confidence through the lenses of career and personal wellbeing, fundamental management & leadership skills, and on-top-of-role behaviours for the era of management ahead.


Person-centred experiential coaching and development to help fill any major skills gaps on an exception or identified needs basis. Our range of performance coaching programmes are designed to quickly instil skills and attitudes that can be followed and applied immediately back in the workplace.


Consultancy-based business and career-level coaching for business leaders and senior managers to find and unlock new value and sustainable commercial outcomes, by maintaining vision, purpose and performance at every level, and to manifest a better business future with the skills and confidence to match.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you’re right!”


Coaching individuals or small teams/functions, this level of development is not designed to change the culture or system, but to help each person rediscover their path and fit in as an important part of the economic whole.

Enrichyou works with each individual at a depth and range designed to engage all four levels of life within a person at work – the individual, their role, their function, and their contribution to the business as an economic system. Only with this holistic approach to performance coaching can the outcomes be truly transformational. This person-centred approach to performance can be the difference that makes the difference…. the missing 20%.

There are three styles of intervention available within Professional and Career-level Development: coaching based, training based and consultancy based. Each unlocks, forms and develops the person or people involved in such a way that it could not be more transformational in its outcome.

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