Team Alignment & Development

Agile Development For Teams & Functions


Fundamental development for teams, functions and business units

  • Team alignment and cohesion
  • Defining function & purpose
  • Managing stakeholders & cross-functional relationships
  • Managing capacity & service quality consistently and sustainably


  • Performance coaching and team development to assure ‘on top of role’ team unity, functional purpose and sustainable business outcomes
  • Focused Development On The Primary Areas Of Team/People Development, Managing Purpose & Process, Functional Innovation, Proactive Performance and Customer Excellence


  • Transformational coaching and priority-led development for underperforming teams, functions or business units
  • A development style designed for urgent or business critical change phases, where team cohesion, business outcomes and learning outcomes are equally important

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

Agile Development For Teams & Functions

Finding time for a whole team or business function to go outside of the organisation for a training or development day is a big ask when the day-to-day function and purpose of that team needs to be maintained. Working alongside managers and teams inside the organisation and on real business issues, allows us to flex and prioritise development based on a combination of group and individual learning – either in a formal training setting, or as a coaching & mentoring-based style of development in real time.

Under the guidance of an Enrichyou coach-consultant, this tailored and agile approach to team development is the most cost-efficient way to ensure effective and lasting implementation of skills, learning and improved team performance. Our flexible style of delivery is designed to accommodate individual and collective gaps in both team leaders and team members, to meet the challenging situations affecting performance and organisational objectives. Team development is not about a one-off injection of skills, but a process of development to improve team cohesion and team performance as part of the cultural norm.

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